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The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, November 13, Daniel, Vivian Vivian Daniel the oldest resident and largest real estate owner in Hardinsburg, KY, died this week aged 92 years. He was a native of this county, but left here when quite a young man.

His funeral was preached by Rev. Richard French. She is making her home with her son, A. Shultz, in Lexington, on the 15 th inst. She was a sister of Uncle Vivion Daniel who died just a few months ago. The Winchester Democrat, Friday, November 19, Daniel, Vivion Will Book 1, Page Wiseman is a son of Henry Wiseman who owns considerable property in this county and who is well known here. The last will and testament of William H.

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Daniel dec. Jackson and James M. Hood witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded. Order Book; P. This suit abate as to Willis H. Daniel by reason of his death …Jesse M. Wilson and Nancy his wife …this case be referred to the master commissioner to ascertain whether Willis H. Daniel as this courts commissioner did sell to Susan Fry the negro man Charles on Oct. Lexington, Ky. In the expectation of securing a tip, Parks had taken the baggage of a departing guest to the Union depot.

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Daniels upbraided Parks for encroaching upon his rights and slapped him. The quarrel later was renewed, Parks shooting Daniels three times in the abdomen and chest. The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, August 17, The Winchester Sun Tues. The only case on record in this section in which a man worried himself to death is that of John Daniels, aged 70, a farmer.

During the civil war he was a federal soldier. When on a trip in this county he and a man named Hart had a quarrel, Daniels, it is said, followed Hart and attacking him from behind, killed him. In his declining years he brooded over the murder until he died. This cause having been submitted …….. It is ordered that the ….. Peters admin. Order Book 9; P. Charles Bitter feud opens. Williamson, W. Daniels and her year-old daughter were shot to death near Devon, Mingo county, by officers and their posse of Pike county, Kentucky.

The shooting of Mrs. Daniels and her daughter grew out of a family feud, which has been brewing for some weeks between the Christians and Daniels on the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. About three weeks ago George Christian ventured to the Kentucky side and was slain by Jim Daniels, and it is claimed that the murder was unprovoked and most brutal.

Christian and Daniels were brothers-in-law, and had formerly been allies, having each served a term in the West Virginia penitentiary upon the charge of murder and shooting to kill. They fell out over a trivial matter and became deadly enemies. After the killing of Christian by Daniels the two families and their friends became involved, and for some few days both factions have gone about heavily armed. The Christians secured warrants for Jim Daniels and his brother Charles, who was also said to be implicated in the murder of George Christian, and led by a posse of 16 under the command of Constable Ferrell, of Pike county, went to the home of the Daniels for the purpose of effecting their arrest.

The two Daniels boys were at the home of their father, Charles Daniels, near Devon, and it is said that when the officers approached within a few feet of the house Mrs. Daniels and her daughter threw open the front door and opened fire with Winchester rifles, one of the posse receiving a bullet in the arm and Mose Christian, father of the murdered Christian boy, had his hat shot from his head. The two Daniels boys and their father opened fire from behind the house. Daniels was shot down in the doorway, but the year-old daughter stood over her prostrate form and fired upon the posse until she dropped dead across her mother, pierced by three bullets.

The officers closed in but by forfeiting their lives, the mother and daughter had so effectually covered the retreat of father and brother that they made their escape. There are now some 30 armed Christians and their friends on the West Virginia side, and almost a like number of the followers of the Daniels faction on the Kentucky side.

Both factions are armed with Winchesters, and officers say they are unable to control the situation, and if either of these factions crosses the line and clash, either Gov.

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Glasscock, of West Virginia, or Gov. Willson, of Kentucky, will be appealed to. Emma E. Joan V. Kenne F. Mariah Louisa. Mary C. Mary E. Sallie Christina.

Shipman, Leo, d. 1933 - Shipman, Tandy, Sr., d. 1988

Susie Mother ends life. Glasgow, Ky. Susie Daniels, wife of Charles Daniels, committed suicide at her home by swallowing carbolic acid. The husband was at Powder Mills, Hart county, on business, and the mother was alone with her children. After the children retired the mother drank the poison. Physicians worked with her for some time, but all efforts failed and she died without speaking. Daniels, was drowned while playing in a little pool of water less than two feet in depth.

After services by Dr. Weaver her remains were laid to rest in Cave Hill Cemetery. Woman burned to death. Newport, Ky. Danks, 56, widow of Samuel C.

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Danks, one time cashier of the Newport National bank, was burned to death at her home here. Danks dashed some coal oil on the smoldering fire, and in an instant the flames communicated with the coal oil can, which exploded, scattering burning oil all over her.

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She died in terrible agony. Died Of Paralysis. Daniel B. Danley, 78, of Warsaw, Ky. He was stricken with paralysis last Friday, and remained unconscious until death. John Danners, who claimed to be years old, died in the southern part of this county. He was born October 28, , and came to Kentucky from Maryland when he was He was a bachelor. The deed was accomplished by tying a napkin around his neck and fastening the other end to the bedpost.