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According to Louis Barfe , "many deleted gems are locked in archives, unheard and quite possibly deteriorating. More recently, the rise of digital media has eliminated much of the cost of music distribution, and companies have begun to see deleted records for their long tail potential, selling via iTunes and other online means.

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A prominent exception to the practice was the label Folkways Records , whose founder Moe Asch "never deleted a single title from the According to Asch, "Just because the letter J is less popular than the letter S, you don't take it out of the dictionary. Scott 4 was released late in , the same year as Scott 3.

It was credited as being by Noel Scott Engel.

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It failed to chart and as a result, the album was deleted soon after release. In July , the British music paper, Melody Maker , reported that a cutprice LP issued by Virgin Records was facing deletion because, ironically, it was too popular. The British duo The KLF summarily deleted their entire back catalogue when they 'retired' from the music industry in This allowed it to reach Number 1 in the charts and remained in the charts for 7 weeks. However, copies of the single continued to be available until supplies ran out, making second hand copies plentiful.

The Gnarls Barkley single " Crazy " was deleted by Warner Music [11] after six weeks at 1 in the UK as a deliberate move to protect it from overexposure. Deleted singles could not then remain on the UK Singles Chart, so the physical single no longer charted after two weeks. However, it remained as a high-selling download single and has continued to receive heavy airplay well after the single was deleted. On 20 April , Dutch composer John Ewbank deleted his song " Koningslied " "The King's Song" only two days after its initial release, citing an overload of criticism aimed at him personally and at the song itself from the general public and the media.

The song had been commissioned to act as the official song of Willem Alexander , Prince of Orange's upcoming investiture as the new King of the Netherlands on 30 April The song, already at number one in the iTunes download charts on the day of its release, was performed by a large number of well known Dutch artists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Retrieved The recording industry employs the harsh term "deleted" to describe CDs no longer being pressed. If demand for a certain title falls beneath a profitable standard, the label typically removes it from its catalog. The disc becomes unavailable except through second-hand sources.

The Guardian. Records are normally deleted once they cease to sell in sufficient numbers to justify shelf space in stores. It is also not economical for firms to produce low-selling records. No such constraints exist on the net, and both record companies and Hollywood have recognised the advantages of digital content's "long tail" - they can market a huge back catalogue even if they sell only in small quantities.

Knoedelseder, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, spent the middle '80s tracking a story that bound up MCA in a media feeding frenzy concerning its ties to reputed organized crime figure Sal Pisello. He was the broker on a soured deal involving cut-outs records deleted from regular industry catalogs, often noted with a corner of the jacket cut out that soon expanded to include a government investigation of independent radio promotion and eventually reached into the highest corridors of power in both the entertainment industry and Washington, D.

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They are now dropping again. Store your records properly. Keep them upright and away from radiators or direct sunlight. Handle with care. Change the stylus needle regularly. The worth of a record collection depends on several factors.

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Rarity or status is another variable. Working out which records do well is not straightforward. I might as well return it to my parents-in-law. My copy of the album turns out to have the original gatefold sleeve, with a photo of the actress Claudia Cardinale that was withdrawn from later pressings after she complained. Revolver is more sought-after.

Mine is the mono recording, not the stereo, but it is the corrected second pressing.

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Fame is no guarantee of resale value. It came out in when cassettes were the only rival to vinyl. The same is true of singles: their value is driven almost solely by rarity. Genres that hold their value well include psychedelia, progressive rock and soul. To my surprise, Britpop albums are among the most valuable. The s was the decade when vinyl was eclipsed by CDs.

Records from that period, especially after , command a premium due to relative scarcity. There is dross among my records too. I suspect I would be lucky to get even that much. But a gratifying quantity of my albums have held their worth despite heavy usage. I do not have any records that are worth serious money.

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My collection is full of solid performers and the 97p one with Bill Wyman. Although only if I sold the records myself. If I flogged the lot to Flashback Records I could expect 40 per cent of the retail value. Vinyl is a good investment, but a tricky asset to dispose of. My records have proved profitable, not only in hours of listening pleasure but also in retaining much of the capital spent assembling them. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the format that I own in far greater numbers — compact discs. Discs were marketed as indestructible, a sci-fi mechanism for playing music involving the use of that great token of s futurity, the laser.

CDs have fallen from grace. Sales are plummeting, both new and second-hand.

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There are no pleasurable frissons of smugness when I confront the value of my own CDs. Viewed purely as an investment, I should have cashed out several years ago. I could expect similar for the thousands of more basic promo CDs I also own. It is not quite game over yet. Hit albums are worth almost nothing, however. The small round shiny discs with their fragile plastic cases lack the tangible appeal of vinyl. No one has ever really clasped the CD to their heart, apart from scarecrows in fields wearing them to dazzle birds.

But perhaps future generations will see them differently. A near-obsolete music format provides a faint shred of hope. In , 83m albums were sold in the form of cassette tapes in the UK. By , the equivalent figure was , Yet in recent years the cassette has staged something of a Lazarus-like recovery. It has become a cult object, a retro-chic token of the s. Sales are rising from their near-extinct base.

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Last year there were , cassette album sales in the US, up from , in Cassettes were once my main source of music. I still have them. Their value is not declining at the moment, but nor is it likely to increase. They will not be a nest egg for my children. Currently it is worth nothing: digital property laws do not permit me to resell the albums and songs I have bought online. But it is galling if you have spent large sums creating a digital library.

You do not own it in the same way that you own records and CDs. Online marketplace ReDigi wants to redress the balance. Based in the US, its ambition is to allow people to sell second-hand digital goods — ebooks, albums, films, whatever — as they do unwanted vinyl and DVDs.