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Civil Court. Property Tax Search. Search official property tax records by owner name. Property Tax Search 2. Franklin County Treasurer. Search official public records for this jurisdiction to determine real property ownership. Real Estate Tax Overpayments. Search official records of surplus funds held by the county after real estate tax payments were made. Recorded Documents. Franklin County Recorder. Search official public records for this county to see real estate transactions.

Rental Housing Properties. Search official database for a licensed rental properties. Septic System Designers. Franklin County Health Department. Search official county records of registered septic system designers. Septic System Haulers. Search official county records of registered septic system haulers. Septic System Installers. Search official county records of registered septic system installers. Septic System Service Providers. Search official county records of registered septic system providers. Sheriff Sales. Search listing of property being sold by the county sheriff by date or zip code.

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Tax Lien Sales. View a list tax deed sales by date filed. Unclaimed Funds. Search official records of unclaimed funds held by the state. Unclaimed Funds - Money. Unidentified Deceased Persons.

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Franklin County Coroner. Information about those found dead whose identities remain unknown. Death Records Missing Persons. Veteran Grave Registry. Burial records from area cemeteries searchable by Veteran's name. Death Records Military.

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Voter Registration Verification. Franklin County Board of Elections. Search official voter registration records. Voter Registration.

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Richland County, Ohio. City of Mansfield Municipal Court. Parking Tickets. Search for parking tickets by ticket number and license plate. Building Contractors. Columbus , Delaware, Franklin County, Ohio. City of Columbus Building and Zoning Services. Search official city records of registered building contractors.

Building Permits.

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Search official city building permits. Homicide Database. Columbus, Delaware, Franklin County, Ohio. Columbus Dispatch via Columbus Police Department. Search homicide database by name from to present. Death Records. Incident Reports. City of Columbus Police Department. Search official records to identify arrests, citations, incidents, traffic accidents.

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Student and Faculty Directory. Ohio State University. Search official directory by name for students currently enrolled and faculty members. Crash Reports. Westerville , Delaware, Franklin County, Ohio. City of Westerville Police Department. Search accident reports by name, report number and date of accident.

Mayor's Court - Criminal, Traffic. City of Westerville Mayor's Court. City of Canal Winchester Mayor's Court. Columbus , Franklin County, Ohio. Click here to download the form. It is the law in the State of Ohio that everyone must provide proof of insurance when asked by a law enforcement officer. Proof of insurance is required on the vehicle that you were driving on the date and time you were cited. Failure to provide proof may result in your license being suspended by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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