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Just connect the positive and negative wires to your battery, and you are ready to track! Real Time Alerts.

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Low Battery Alert - Receive an alert on your phone if your vehicle battery is low Tamper Alert - Did someone remove or attempt to remove a device? Be notified immediately Tow Alert - Receive a notification if your vehicle is ever towed. Multi Unit Tracking. Whether you have 1 asset or , you can see all of your vehicles in one place with one app — LoneStar Tracking.

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Easy To Install. Create up to 10 geozones per device and receive notifications when a device arrives at or departs from these virtual boundaries.

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GPS tracking devices with no subscription or monthly fees are great when a business has continuous access to a company car or asset. But what happens when that company vehicle is stolen? Or what if there is an emergency and a driver needs immediate assistance? Unfortunately, no monthly fee GPS trackers have some shortcomings, especially when it comes to theft-protection. For example, if a GPS data logger was equipped to a company vehicle, and that vehicle then was stolen, the no monthly fee GPS tracker would have zero ability to transmit live location.

Another shortcoming is the absence of a panic button feature which are now designed on many of the real time GPS tracking systems.

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This panic button is a great tool for businesses with security guards or delivery vehicles that haul expensive equipment because if a person or driver ever feels threatened they can instantly call out for assistance. Businesses researching the different types fo vehicle management solutions should take a close look at both real time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers.

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Both have advantages and disadvantages, but more importantly, both can really help a business boost efficiency on many different levels. There are currently 31 of these earth-orbiting satellites in operation.

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Their orbits are designed so that no matter where you are on Earth and no matter what time it is, you should always have at least four satellites visible if you could see that high, that is in the sky above you. This process works using the mathematical principle of trilateration. A stranger walks by and tells you you are miles from Minneapolis. You could be anywhere on the circle with a radius of miles from Minneapolis. Think of it like a Venn diagram of sorts. And sure enough, Denver is miles from Minneapolis, miles from Tuscon, and miles from Boise. By the time you introduce three satellites, for instance, those spheres intersect at only two points—and only one of those points can be on Earth.

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GPS receivers use four satellites, however, instead of three to help ensure greater accuracy as well as to determine elevation. The best GPS tracker units have multiple receivers, so that it can it pick up signals from multiple satellites simultaneously. And because the receivers know that radio waves travel at the speed of light, they can determine how far they are from each satellite based on the atomic clock time signature of when the radio wave was sent and the time it took for that signal to get to the receiver.

Instead, both satellites and receivers run digital patterns of code; the receiver knows how long a signal from the satellite took to reach the receiver by noting the lag in the code. The receiver can simply look at the time signals from the satellites and gauge its own inaccuracies, correcting to that time value. This works because using four satellites to determine a location builds in redundancy and allows the receiver to determine how the distances are off proportionally since all of those distances will have been determined using its own clock.

After determining that margin of error, the receiver can then automatically reset its clock based on the satellites atomic clocks. And because it does this constantly anytime it is getting radio signals from the satellites, the receivers are guaranteed to be nearly as accurate in keeping time as the atomic clocks on the satellites. Another piece that helps the receivers stay accurate? An understanding of when and where each of the satellites should be.

By storing an almanac of upcoming satellite locations, the receivers know where to look and another layer is built in that can help catch errors, especially as the Department of Defense is constantly monitoring each of the satellites exact positions so that they can update the almanac when variance results such as courtesy the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, for instance. There are still other areas where errors can pop up, however. Finally, satellites also sometimes send out bad data, meaning they misreport their own location. That varies. GPS-enabled phones, for instance, are usually accurate within 5 meters 16 feet. For instance, anything that might affect that line of sight to the GPS satellites including underground use, buildings, bridges, trees, etc will also affect accuracy. Similarly, atmospheric considerations that affect accuracy include solar storms, radio interference, and more. International GPS Tracker 1. What is ELD? Get A Quote! Become A Dealer.