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The Litchfield County Clerk's Office contains documentation on real estate excise taxes, registered land, and property transactions, as well as land documents including Litchfield County deeds, mortgages, and liens on properties.

Litchfield Historical Society // Connecticut's Cultural Treasures

The Litchfield County Recorders of Deeds maintain public records, particularly documents related to property and land records, and make them available for public access in Litchfield County, CT. The Office of Recorder of Deeds in Litchfield County is a valuable source of information on property records The Recorder of Deeds maintains documents on land transactions within its jurisdictions, including Litchfield County deeds and titles, mortgages, property ownership records, surveys, and easements, as well as tax liens. Litchfield County Town Halls and City Hall are the chief administrative offices that runs the town or city.

Blog entry posted on August 22, by Accessible Archives, Inc. This volume by J. Nothing extenuate, Nor aught set down in malice. In such a spirit have the compilers of the following pages approached the work of detailing the history of the county embodied herein, and trust they have been fairly faithful to the task imposed.

It has been our honest endeavor to trace the history of the development of this section from that period when it was in the undisputed possession of the red men to the present, and to place before the reader an authentic narrative of its rise and progress to the prominent position it now occupies among the counties of New England. That such an undertaking is attended with no little difficulty and vexation none will deny; the aged pioneer relates events of the early settlements, while his neighbor sketches the same events with totally different outlines.

With these the historian has to contend; and while it has been our aim to compile an accurate history, were it devoid of all inaccuracies that perfection would have been attained of which the writers had not the faintest conception, and which Lord Macaulay once said never could be reached.

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From colonial and other documents in the State archives, from county, town, and village records, family manuscripts, printed publications, and innumerable private sources of information, we have endeavored to produce a history which should prove accurate, instructive, and in every respect worthy of the county represented. How well we have succeeded in our task a generous public, jealous of its reputation and honor, of its traditions and triumphs, must now be the judge. We desire to acknowledge our sincere thanks to the editorial fraternity generally for much valuable information, which has greatly lessened our labor in the preparation of this work, and also to each and every one who has assisted in its compilation, and would cheerfully make personal mention of each, but it is impracticable, as the number reaches over a thousand.

The Hottest Foreclosures in CT

Lafayette — Gen. Andrew Lodge, No. Seth Warner — Capt. Congregational Church — St. Frederick Holcomb. Character of the First Settlers — Capt. John Minor — Capt. William Curtiss — Hon. Samuel Sherman — Hon. John Sherman — Lieut.

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  • Litchfield County Property Deeds.
  • Joseph Judson — Lieut. Israel Curtiss — Col. Joseph Minor — Hackaliah Preston — Hon. William Preston. Home-Lots — Rev. Zechariah Walker — Rev. Anthony Stoddard Settled-Rev. Samuel R. John Churchill Settled — W. Ethan Allen, Co.

    Fairfield County Property Records CT - Find Real Estate Records

    Seth Warner, and Capt. Park Cottage. Residence of George W. Tags: American County Histories. Connect with Accessible Archives on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin to stay up to date on news and blog posts or get our latest blog posts by email. Accessible Archives Inc. Philadelphia, June 10, Sonthmayd Jno.

    Fairfield County Clerk & Property Records

    Benedict Jaliez W. Hosmer Jno. Boardman William G. Williams John Strong, Jr. Calvin Butler Cyrus Swan Jos. Miller William M. Burrall William Coggswell Seth P. Mills Charles B. Phelps Matthew Minor Nathaniel P. Perry Holbrook Curtis William E. Curtis Isaac Leavenworth and R. Hinman Joseph II. Bellamy Theodore North William S.

    Holabird George S. Sedgwick George C. Woodruff J. Hubbard O. Seymour Miles T. Granger Henry B. Graves William Cothren George A. Hickox Marcus A. Delavan Jacob B. Harclenbergh George Wheaton F. Fyler Augustus H. Fenn A. Bradstreet Augustus Pettibone John B. Welch L.

    Litchfield county ct register of deeds

    Wessells Julius Doming Gideon H. Hollister Hiram Stone J. Brace John Catlin F. Bnel Payne B. Kilhourne Daniel Sheldon Samuel H.

    Property Deeds near Litchfield County

    Dudley Herman Beach Charles D. Bidwoll Elliot Beardsley William H. Phelps John G. Wetmore W. Gilbert Elias E. Gilman John Hinsdale Harvey B. Norton William F. Hatch Timothy Hulbert E. Manchester Theron Brouson Henry H. Drake William Lawrence D. Keeler Henry Sanford Marcus B. Miner A. Randall Whiting G. All documents must be filed at the local level. This page lists public record sources in Litchfield County, resources can be found on our Connecticut State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above. Town of Litchfield is a locality in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Unlike many other areas where property taxes are collected on a county level, Town of Litchfield has its own tax assessor's office.

    If your property is located in a different Litchfield County. Litchfield County, Connecticut Recorder OfficeBethlehem including phone numbers, physical address locations, and website links.