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One other question, did you need an apostille stamp on any of your documents before sending off to Dublin? Thank you to Brad and all the commenters for sharing your experiences! It's nice to know someone else knows what all this hoop jumping is like : I've just submitted my application to the Chicago Embassy literally "just" - tracking says it arrived today! I hope none of you future applicants have to go through New York City for any documents.

They take AGES and are, let's just say, less than helpful. I'll try to update here with my application progress so we can gauge an updated timeline for processing. Thanks for the moral support! This site and the comments helped me a lot in regards to the timeline of documents so I thought I'd add mine.

My credit card was charged 2 weeks later then for 8 weeks I heard nothing.

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I submitted a request on the foreign birth register website for the status of my documents and low and behold two days later they responded in an email saying it had just been approved and they would be sending them soon. I got my foreign birth register certificate, all my documents and a passport application a week later!

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Now for the passport I am a Canadian grand-child of a person born in Ireland. I am applying for FBR. I have all my personal documents and my specific parent documents. In terms of my grandmothers documents, what I have is: Her original certified true in Ireland birth certificate Her original death certificate Several of her old passports both EU and CAD. She was married twice. Once in Europe, and once in Canada.

I currently have no records of her first marriage, or a copy of her first husbands death certificate although I can find this one , although I do have records of my aunt and uncle who shared my grandmothers first married name my uncle still carries it. I also have the original copy of her marriage and divorce certificate for her second marriage. OR; 2 Is her second marriage certificate, her divorce certificate, her birth and her death certificate, and her passports going to be sufficient enough?

Also, if anyone has any ideas of where I might look to find her first original marriage certificate, that would be super helpful. They are looking for a marriage certificate that shows two people getting married who are the same two people on your parent's long form birth certificate. They want to see a chain that the Irish woman really is the mother of your parent, since there are a lot of common names. For example, if your grandmother was Mary Murphy, and your parent's cert lists the mother as Mary Murphy -- well, that could be a lot of different people, some not born on the island.

But if you match two names, it's much stronger evidence. Ok wonderful. That definitely eases my suspicions. Hopefully they will confirm what I have when I call them. I was just worried about submitting a birth certificate that had one name, a marriage certificate that had one name, but I think I actually found the marriage certificate I was looking for Birth certs have one name short form or 3 names long form and I guess if the father is unknown you could get one with 2 names.

Sorry, I should have clarified. Not one name like "Cher" , but a different last name on my grandmothers birth certificate, a different last name on my Grandmothers second marriage certificate, and a different last name on her death and my moms birth certificate. It is normal for women to have a different last name on their death cert, but the marriage cert normally has their birth name, I thought, even when remarrying. If not, you might want to find both. Or is it an adoption that changed her name, in which case you need to document it was done in compliance with Irish rules -- it usually is.

I submitted my application in early April this year. At the time that I submitted the application, I was directed to mail my documents to the Chicago office. My docs arrived in Chicago on April I've just learned that shortly after I submitted, all applications in my area have been changed to direct the applicant to submit directly to Dublin.

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The posters both before and after my original post both submitted to Dublin and were approved and done in a couple of weeks I'm completely heartbroken. If the Chicago office knew they were running on that kind of a timeframe, why wasn't I instructed to send my documents directly to Dublin? Clearly there's no backlog there. I want to cry. It seems kinda random which place they want us to send them to. But my guess would be that the Chicago Consulate gave you the longest estimate possible just so people won't be pestering them for updates.

If all your documents are in order, I'll bet you get it way faster than that, and certainly under a year. Hello everyone! On his marriage certificate to my mother his age is incorrect by 5 years. I'm not sure why this is the case. I am worried this inconsistency will jeopardise our application.

I'm wondering if it is absolutely necessary to provide a marriage certificate for an application based on a paternal ancestor where the surname is unchanged If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions they'd be much appreciated. Keen to get this underway asap but want to get it right! Because there are many men with your father's name, and your birth certificate says that name but the cert you have for your father could be another man.

Only when your birth cert matches the marriage cert two parents on both is it less likely you are faking. And then the marriage cert needs to match him and that's where the age could be an issue, but you just have to try and see. I see the logic of what you say Thank you very much for the very interesting and useful blog.

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I am in the process of gathering documents and will be submitting my application via London as I am British and live in the UK. I am applying for Irish Citizenship Foreign Birth Registration through my deceased paternal grandmother. My grandmother also has many variations on her name! She was born in the s and I think they must have worried less about paperwork then:. Both certificates show her place of birth as in Ireland. I guess I will just see if they accept these documents! My paternal grandfather had an unusual first name which appears on her wedding and death certificates "widow of" , and on my father's birth certificate, so hopefully that will help prove that all these documents are for the same person.

I am slightly concerned about who to get to witness the application - I will ask a solicitor and hope that they will tick the box to say they "know me personally" as the rules require. For a third option I will give them the most recent tax code letter I received from HMRC; a bank statement; a certified copy of photo driving licence showing my address; and a mobile phone bill although often mobiles aren't accepted only landlines, which I don't have and hope that one of those is accepted! Please keep your fingers crossed and I will come back to let you know if I am successful and how long it took.

Unfortunately my father's birth certificate does NOT have birth place of his mother which is a shame as it would have been very useful in this case - as it dates from the s What information will I see on a certificate? The details contained on a full birth certificate include:.

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Just a quick update to say I came home today to a letter from the Irish embassy in London saying I've been added to the Foreign Births Register and I'm officially an Irish citizen. I'm so happy!!!!! I submitted my application by special-delivery post guaranteed next day delivery 1st September , and received the confirmation today 17th December They sent all my documents back.

I have all my paperwork ready to send in now but am worried that I have to send all originals. Does anyone know how long I will be without them, or even if I will ever get them back? I'm very worried about this as the documents I'm sending mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance. Hi - I am sure they will I am in process of applying.

Are all the original documents that are required to be submitted for Foreign Births Registration - ie birth certificates etc returned once the application is completed? We understand the importance of these documents to you and once your application is complete we return all original documentation to you by registered post.

The website for those applying via the Irish embassy in London is slightly different - we have to supply our own self-addressed pre-paid Special Delivery envelope which you can purchase from the Post Office and they post it back in that.

Remember to make a note of the tracking number before you send it off with your application, so you cAn track your package. If you check the Irish embassy website for your country, it should hopefully advise what you need to do with your application. I'm not sure re timing - for UK applicants I have heard 15 days to 2 months, but that might well be longer now as so many people are applying post Brexit.

Sorry, don't know about other countries. When I did it, you could go to the local consulate or embassy and bring the originals and copies, and they would confirm the originals matched the copies, stamp that on the copies and let you leave with the originals. Silly procedure -- they should just copy them there and not need to do the visual check.

That's not going to happen if you send to Dublin though. Hi Brad. I am trying to obtain Irish citizenship through my grandmother. I sent my paperwork off to Dublin just about 4 weeks ago. While I realize that its too early to expect much, I haven't received an acknowledgment that they received it.

Is there any way to contact them by email or by phone?

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I made the mistake of sending the documents via regular first class mail from the US and I have no way to track them. But at the time it took 2 years to get your answer, any answer at all, and no, you could not call them.

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I am told it takes less than 2 years now, some people here report just a few months. Okay I have a question for you. My son filled in the online form for the foreign birth register. He sent it off online and printed out the form.