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Death Records. Death records are closed records for 25 years and are restricted by law as to who may obtain a copy. Only properly qualified applicants will be issued a death certificate with the proper application, ID and fees.

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These records are filed in the county where the decedent passed away, not where they resided and are only available with that county or Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin. A grandchild is not a qualified applicant. To obtain a certified copy of a death record, you must complete an Application form. Death Application English.

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    Cities Readiness Initiative. Employment Opportunities. Register to Vote. Crittenden says this "silence of records" is the main obstacle when trying to learn about disappearances.

    How secrets of the old Denton County Klan were discovered by four UNT history students

    For whites charged with crimes, news coverage was usually detailed and complete. Every detail. Grand jury. Report on the trial. The outcome. For some arrested blacks, though, there could be intense news coverage of the arrest at the start. No death certificate.

    No news. No records. Just like that. One newspaper account: "Just before 9 o'clock over white-robed and hooded figures, headed by a torch of red fire, appeared and paraded the streets for nearly two hours. They moved in silence, and the crowd looked on almost as silently. A marching Klan is one thing, but how do these students implicate Denton County leadership? How do they surmise that some under those hoods were members of the political establishment along with law enforcement, including members of the county sheriff's department?

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    3. 'Kaye's Quest': Tracing the Feuerbacher and Sternberg Families - Source Page.
    4. 'Kaye's Quest': Tracing the Feuerbacher and Sternberg Families.
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    One way is by asking how often jails are left unlocked and unguarded. When accused men were abducted, as part of illegal "Jim Crow justice," for some reason, a jailer was never around. There was never damage to doors or cells either.

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    And no witnesses. Researcher Hannah Stewart created a spreadsheet that shows every public mention of the KKK in Denton newspapers and public records from to She found mentions. Some headlines:. Crittenden created a separate spreadsheet using newspaper reports of every black person arrested in Denton County from to Everything from murder to indecent exposure — in all.

    From the spreadsheet merge, researcher Jessica Floyd said, "We got a really interesting picture about how the Klan and the police were connected. Denton struggles with its racist past along with hundreds of other communities. A debate over what to do with a former "whites only" water fountain and a Confederate statue on the county courthouse lawn has festered for two decades.

    I told the story recently of how a century ago, black members of the Quakertown community in Denton were forcibly moved to an uninhabitable part of land because their village was too close to a women's college.


    It's now a city park. John's Cemetery. The county also plans to add historical plaques. Crittenden quotes William Faulkner: "The past is never dead. It isn't even past. Visit the students' Web page and learn more about their history project at UNT. I took my property tax protest to the end.

    Would the appraisal district surrender? How you should shop for cheap electricity in Very carefully. Here's how What you need to know about your Texas property tax — and how to protest from Watchdog Dave Lieber.

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