Outlook 2007 will not search my personal folders

You use Microsoft Outlook to manage your email, your appointments, your contacts, and your to-do lists.

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In other words, you use it to manage your work life. Following are solutions to five common but serious Microsoft Outlook problems. You keep a lot of information in your Outlook data file--including your email messages, your contacts, and your appointments. And since Outlook handles its data files in its own unique way, your regular backup routine may not be protecting its data.

Getting to the Account Settings dialog box in Office requires you to click an Account Settings button, which pulls down a menu with only one option: Account Settings. But first, you have to find that data. You can do so in the Account Settings dialog box. To open it in Outlook , select Tools, Account Settings. For version , click the File tab, and then select the Info option in the left pane , followed by Account Settings, and Account Settings again.

Rebuild Outlook's Instant Search Index

Yes, I know that's redundant. Select your data file probably Outlook. Windows Explorer will open to your Outlook data folder. With Outlook closed and the folder open, copy the contents of the folder to a safe location, such as an external hard drive. Better yet, make sure that your regular backup routine includes this folder. Reinstall Outlook and go through the setup wizard. This will create a new but empty data file. Once Outlook is up and running, launch the Import and Export Wizard. In Outlook , select File, Import and Export. You can figure out if the actual location of this file is the problem:.

Contents of a pst-file

This may help solve one of the less common Outlook search problems you may have encountered, but the initial tips in this post will get the Outlook search tool up and running like it should. Happy Searching! Indexing status image retrieved from addictivetips. Date: This worked for me and solved my Outlook search problem! Totally awesome. Thank you. I have been searching for an answer to my problem for days. I had Windows 10 with Outlook preinstalled, but had installed outlook over it and restored old. Step number 5 and 6 mentioned fixed the problem.

Other steps had tried earlier but did not work. Sadly, none of the stuff above fixed. Anyone find actual fix? I installed my Microsoft Office Office Ultimate software suite. Sidenote: had to set compatibility mode to Windows 8 for everything to work OK.

  1. Fix Your Broken Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File.
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Retrieved my Outlook PersonalFolder. After that I had nothing but trouble from Outlook - search not working, stalling, corrupt. Finally discovered that Instant Search was enabled; don't think it was on my old XP computer.

How to Fix Outlook Search Problem(s)

Plus, it seemed that after I did anything with Outlook it wanted to index my. After wasting too many hours, I disabled Instant Search, repaired my. Finally, everything is working OK. Searches now take longer, but because my Inbox and Calendar include only the current year the wait isn't very long, and that's way better than my problems with Instant Search. Bottom line: Don't enable Instant Search.

2. Check that the files you want are included in the index

Instant search stopped working has cost me hours WIn 10 Outlook nothing works looks like I am purchasing a 3rd party add on - that does not rely on the MS indexing Rob Wise Reply. Takes 10 seconds to fix the problem then. I work from home and can't just delete work related emails so I started archiving them. This produced another folder in my Folder List called Archive Folders. Periodically I will back up my pst file just in case. One time I did this back up and the previous back up file name and location auto filled in the "save to" box.

I wanted to save to the same spot but I forgot to change the date in the file name. After completing the back up I realized this.

Windows 7/8/10 File Search Indexing Options

I went to the spot on my hard drive where I store the back up pst files and I changed the file name of the new back up to now have the proper date. It doesn't seem to affect Outlook so I have not done anything about it but it does not exactly mirror the Outlook Today - Personal Folders which is what I use every day.

Some stuff is the same but other things are not. I am buying a new computer this week and I will have to install Office XP again and export my "email stuff" from the coputer I use now to the new computer. I need all of my emails to be transfered to the new machine current and archived. I know how to export to a pst file and import from a pst file on a new install but I have never had 3 files to deal with and i don't want to loose anything.

Can I export the archive folder and the Personal Folder s at the same time? Sorry about the rambling but I'm a bit confused and I can't just ignore it now. The computer I'm on now with be wiped clean and I won't have access to my pst file back ups after I give it back to the boss. I had 3 occurrences of Personal Folders in my Outlook program. I opted to try the above fix as Outlook needed continuing repairing scanpst.

Once I had completed the repair, Outlook performed faster and the Favorite Folders retained their folders. I closed my Outlook personal file in outlook by r-click and selecting close.

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  • I cant find my pst file now. I then moved the Outlook. When launching Outlook, an error message appeared: "Cannot start Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened". And to my dismay, after i import it back to my account in microsoft outlook, i found out that the receiving date is no longer there.

    Please help me how to retrieve the date because it is very important for our company the date we received those e-mails. Is it possible to return it?

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    Fixing Instant Search - prolanlapcamet.gq

    Thank you so much and your help is very important to me. Open Control Panel. Click on Mail.