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When you open an item, the full item is then downloaded from the mail server. If this option is not selected, the three previous choices determine what is downloaded regardless of the connection speed. In addition to Exchange folders, Cached Exchange Mode works with shared folders.

Examples of shared folders include another person's Exchange folders when you are using Delegate Access, or SharePoint folders. To turn on or off shared folder support when you are using Cached Exchange Mode, do the following:. On the Advanced tab, under Cached Exchange Mode Settings , select the check boxes for the options you want.

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Cached Exchange Mode provides you with a better experience when you use a Microsoft Exchange account. A copy of your mailbox is stored on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your data and is frequently updated with the mail server. Most home and personal accounts do not use Microsoft Exchange. If you work offline, whether by choice or due to a connection problem, your data is still available to you instantly wherever you are.

If a connection from your computer to the server running Exchange isn't available, Microsoft Office Outlook switches to Trying to connect or Disconnected. If the connection is restored, Microsoft Office Outlook automatically switches back to Connected or Connected Headers. Any changes you make while a connection to the server isn't available are synchronized automatically when a connection is available.

Hosted images mean better privacy, faster load times, and less competition for Google.

You can continue to work while changes are synchronized. When data is optimized for an Exchange connection type, the type of items that are synchronized with your server mailbox are different. For example, when you use a fast connection, Office Outlook copies the header, body, and attachments of an email item from the email server to your computer. When a slower connection is selected, only headers are automatically downloaded. The body and any associated attachments are downloaded only when requested by you, or as necessary for synchronization with personal digital assistants PDAs , auto archiving, and some client-side rules.

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In a slower connection environment, the Offline Address Book is also not automatically updated. However, you do have the option of manually requesting the update. Cached Exchange Mode takes advantage of the ability of Outlook to automatically determine the speed of your connection to Exchange, and it optimizes data transmissions for that speed. When the On Slow Connections Download Headers Only setting is selected, Outlook stops automatically downloading full items and also leaves attachments on the server.

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For example, you may use a laptop computer at your office and connect via a network cable to your corporate local area network LAN. You have access to headers and full items, including attachments. You have quick access to the server running Exchange. You can continue to work uninterrupted with your data.

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If the connection remains unavailable, Outlook switches to Disconnected , periodically checking for server availability. If you have wireless access, Outlook could reestablish a connection to the server and switch back to Connected status. You aren't required to change any setting or restart Outlook. Later that day, you use a modem for dial-up access to your Exchange account. Outlook recognizes your connection is slow and automatically optimizes for that connection by downloading only headers and not updating the Offline Address Book.

Additional optimizations are also made to reduce the amount of data sent over the connection. By offering different levels of optimization, Outlook can adapt to changing connection environments, such as disconnecting from a corporate LAN, going offline, and then reestablishing a connection to the server via a slower dial-up connection. You always have the option to manually set the connection behavior. In some cases, you may want to control your connection behavior and the amount of data transmitted to and from Exchange.

At the office, when connected to a high-speed local area network LAN , Download Full Items is probably the best option. If you connect via a service that charges by the amount of data you send and receive, which is common with cellular and GPRS connections, select Download Headers. Product Manager John Rae-Grant sums it up by saying:. Email designers will be delighted to know that Gmail displays images by default. The unique image downloads that tracking software looks for will no longer occur. Some marketers also use geolocation to personalize email messages.

They look at where the image is downloaded and feed users dynamic content based on their location. Automatic image downloads were enabled in a waved roll-out starting December 12th, , affecting some users sooner than others.

Fortunately, the number of people that use the Gmail web interface is declining. While these changes initially only rolled out to gmail. Yes and no. Device tracking will still work when an email is opened in a non-native Gmail client.

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  8. For instance, device tracking will work for an email sent to a gmail. Device tracking will not work for emails opened in the gmail.

    Only a subset of your Exchange mailbox items are synchronized in Outlook

    In other words, device tracking still works in the places where Gmail is not caching images. Email Analytics EA provides valuable insights into your audience and how they are engaging and interacting with your email campaigns. Like all other email analytics services, EA relies on readers downloading a unique image to start tracking an email. With these changes to the way Gmail handles and displays images, EA users will see a few changes to their reports. To be clear, these changes only apply to emails opened in native Gmail clients.

    Reporting remains unaffected for emails sent to Gmail accounts that are opened in non-Gmail email clients. With these updates to Gmail, it is crucial to use individual tracking with Email Analytics in order to properly record analytics. Without individual tracking, Gmail will see the image in your tracking code as the same image for all recipients—and that tracking image will be cached along with the other images in your email. Using a unique identifier allows us to properly track email opens, even when Gmail is caching images.

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