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If the Juvenile Department begins an expungement proceeding, the person whose record is affected will, if possible, be notified of the expungement proceeding. Upon entry of an expunction order the police, court or other contact shall be treated as if it never occurred. An agency which is subject to an expunction order shall respond to any inquiry about the contact by indicating that no record or reference concerning the contact exists without risking a penalty for perjury or false swearing under the laws of this State.

Anyone violating a youth's right to confidentiality commits a misdemeanor. The youth may have certain rights, including a right to counsel. If you have further questions you can call the Yamhill County Juvenile Department Yamhill County Courthouse E. All rights reserved.

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Links to external sites do not constitute endorsements by Yamhill County. By visiting this and other Yamhill County web pages, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the site. Rule 19 a. May petition for destruction at any time so long as no charges are pending.

Rule 19 d. Good cause showing required. Destroyed record treated as if it never existed. Adjudications of prostitution, theft and forgery, and drug possession linked to being victim of human trafficking may be vacated and expunged. There is no statute governing public access to non-conviction records.

By court rule, the public may not access records of deferred or diverted dispositions that end in dismissal, and the court may limit public Internet access to non-conviction records upon petition if charges dismissed or defendant acquitted, and court finds the interest of justice will be served, N. Balancing test applies. Certain serious offenses excluded. Applies to federal and out-of-state convictions.

Also new authority to seal up to five nonviolent minor offenses. Access in law enforcement and licensing contexts. Ohio Rev, Code Ann. Ohio judges may also issue a "certificate of qualification for employment" that removes automatic sanctions and allows consideration on the merits. Ohio Rev. Intervention in lieu of conviction available for certain non-serious first offenses; successful completion and abstinence results in not being treated as a conviction.

Effective , also available for victims of human trafficking. Sealing available under Ohio Rev. Expungement of convictions and non-conviction records for victims of human trafficking. Courts have no inherent authority to seal record of pardoned conviction. Radcliff Ohio, Sealing of records for delinquency adjudications, except for murder or rape offenses, after 6 months from discharge.

Proceedings deemed never to have occurred. Sealing for records that did not lead to a conviction, or in which conviction was overturned. OK Single nonviolent felony eligible for expungement 5 years after completion of sentence if no charges pending and no prior felonies, or misdemeanor in previous 7 years. Two non-violent convictions may be expunged after 10 years. See also pardoned offenses.

Misdemeanors eligible for expungement after 5 years if no charges pending and no prior felonies. Deferred adjudication and probation leading to expungement sealing for misdemeanants and minor felony offenders. Misdemeanants also eligible one year after completion of deferred judgment, id. First drug offenders eligible for deferred sentencing and expungement under 63 Okla. Sealed record may be ordered "obliterated or destroyed" after an additional 10 years.

Deferred sentencing and probation for first-time drug offenders eligible for deferred sentencing leading to automatic expungement. Conditions of probation may include participation in a treatment program. Expungement of prostitution-related convictions by victims of human trafficking. Pardoned convictions may be expunged with no waiting period. Expungement available upon reaching age 21 if no subsequent criminal behavior. Record sealed, and destroyed after 10 years if not unsealed.

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Expungement sealing of records of acquittals, reversals, innocence, where charges never filed. OR Less serious non-violent offenses may be "set aside" after waiting period of 1 to 20 years if no other conviction in past 10 years or ever, if Class B felony or arrest within 3 yrs.

Order must issue unless court finds it would not be "in the best interests of justice. May deny conviction, but counts as predicate. Courts may vacate state convictions for prostitution if the court finds after a hearing that the person has proven by clear and convincing evidence that the person was the victim of sex trafficking.

Records Management

As of , pardoned convictions may be sealed. Expungement and sealing eligibility for most offenses upon reaching majority. Set-aside available for some offenses not eligible for expungement. Arrest records may be set aside and sealed on application after 1 year if no charges filed, or at any time after an acquittal or a dismissal of the charge, Or.

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Same procedures as apply to set-aside of convictions. PA No general authority for limiting access to records of felony convictions. Expungement available for "summary" offenses after 5 yrs. Extended in to some first degree misdemeanors. Records unavailable to the public, and as of no longer available to state agencies, including licensing boards. All financial obligations must be paid Expungement for pre-plea probation without verdict ARD for non-violent first time drug offenses. Expungement with complete destruction of records available for those over 70 if no arrests for 10 yrs, and 3 yrs after death.

Code chs. Expungement available for underage drinking. Pardon basis for judicial expungement. Commonwealth v.

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Upon reaching majority, expungement with complete destruction of records available after a five-year waiting period for delinquency adjudications. Expungement is available from the court for non-conviction records where no disposition is indicated after 18 months, or otherwise where the court orders it, including in cases handled pursuant to ARD pre-plea diversion where the defendant successfully completes the terms of ARD probation except for certain sex offenses.

May not be disclosed to public after three years with no subsequent conviction.

Partial expungement available for non-conviction records where no disposition indicated after 18 months, and for pre-plea diversion cases after successful completion of probation. Armstrong, A. Partial expungement of charges nol prossed also available. Hanna, A.

PR Broad expungement authority for all offenses, including violent felonies, after waiting period of six months to 5 years felony offenders also must provide DNA sample , if applicant demonstrates "good moral reputation in the community. Laws Ann. Certificate of rehabilitation available to persons who have not completed prison term if deemed totally rehabilitated, psychological recommendation required, court orders conviction not be included in criminal record certificate but may be used for recidivism purposes.

Revoked verdicts may be expunged.

Allows denial except for certain jobs and licenses. Expungement available immediately upon completion of deferred sentence. Automatic sealing, with limited exceptions, upon final disposition. Juvenile adjudications may be used for sentencing purposes in adult court and does constitute a conviction for impeachment purposes.

Sealing for persons acquitted or "otherwise exonerated" including charges dismissed , if no prior felony convictions except in cases of acquittal.