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The Georgia Department of Revenue determines the value of your vehicle every year based on current fair market and wholesale values. Vehicles may be registered under one of the tax systems, but not both. TAVT is a one-time , per owner tax that is collected at the time the vehicle is titled.

This tax applies to all title ownership changes, purchases or vehicles being brought into the state of Georgia by residents or new residents. Vehicles subject to TAVT are exempt from sales tax.

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The rates may increase in or when the rates are evaluated. TAVT rates are capped, by law, at 9. All of the TAVT will be collected then. Instead of paying taxes when you renew your registration, you only pay tag fees. When you renew, you need a passing emissions inspection, Georgia identification and current Georgia insurance. Individuals have 30 calendar days after establishing residency to register their vehicles.

The out-of-state vehicle registration is no longer valid after the day period.

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If you do not register your vehicle within 30 days, penalties and fines are assessed. If you have a lienholder: The Georgia title will be mailed to the lienholder on file. If you do not have a lienholder: The Georgia title will be mailed to the registered owner at the address on file.

Annual Ad Valorem Tax applies to non-titled , or non-motorized vehicles and vehicles purchased prior to March 1, Annual Ad Valorem Tax is collected when you renew your registration. Vehicles subject to Annual Ad Valorem are also subject to sales tax.

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The first part of the formula, Fair Market Value x 0. The Georgia Department of Revenue assesses all vehicle values for tax purposes each year. Private sales are considered to be discount prices and are not true market value. When a dealer accepts property in lieu of cash they have turned a guaranteed revenue cash into a speculative revenue a vehicle. A certain number of trade-in vehicles will be found to have hidden defects which will cost the dealership to repair.

The trade-in vehicle takes up lot space that could be used for a more valuable new vehicle. For all of these reasons, trade-in value will not be the same as true market value.

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True market value is found at the most commonly paid price for the vehicle: the retail or dealership value. This is the price that most vehicles are sold at and represents a true market rate. Note that this is not the dealer advertised price sticker price as any informed buyer will negotiate the sale lower than its listed price.

Buying, leasing or owning a car usually means owing some type of car tax.

This is the most typical negotiated price that an informed, willing and able buyer and an informed, willing and able seller will agree on. Major publications such as the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA Manual research countless sales to determine what a typical sale amount is for each make, model and year. You will frequently see estimates for Private Sale, and Trade-In values because the subscribers to these publications may need that information, but you will always find that Retail Sale or Dealer Sale in these price guides is a higher figure.

It is this Retail or Dealer sale that represents true market value and should be compared to our tax value.

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However, when there is a discrepancy, we welcome a second opinion and would like to know of your concern. Proration only applies to registered motor vehicles. Proration can only be given if the tag was turned in. Transferred, retained or lost but unreported tags will block proration. We may only prorate for full months.

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That means that even if you only owned the vehicle a few days out of a month you will still have to pay taxes for that full month. Three important limitations: [NCGS Transferred, retained or lost-but-unreported tags will block proration.

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The limitations above are not the policy of the Alamance County Tax Department, but rather the Law of the State of North Carolina to which our department must conform. If you feel that you qualify for a proration, please contact our office immediately to get the process started. Exemptions on registered motor vehicles must be filed within 30 days of the due date.

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As the requirements and specific qualifications of these exemptions vary, it is important to contact our office and discuss the exact details of the exemption that may apply to your property.