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If you create a custom image, be aware of different screen sizes in your design.

How to Create Customized Twitter Background Images for Visual Social Marketing

Many custom designs make use of the space on the left to share information. The problem is that screens with different resolutions may not be able to view all the text on the left. Instead, it slides to the left to stay in the center of the screen, which can cover part of your customized background image. The image you create may be a single large image to display behind the entire profile, or you may tile a smaller image. When you tile an image, it is repeated across and down to fill the space on the screen.

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To create a single image to display behind the Twitter profile, you need to create a large image and remember that some of it will be displayed behind the Twitter account information. You can download a number of free Photoshop templates online. Searching for the term Twitter background template download at your favorite search engine will display a number of websites with free, downloadable templates.

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You can use the customized color scheme options to change the colors displayed with your Twitter profile. You can change the background color and the color of links, and you can choose between black and white overlays.

You can find color customization options at the bottom of the Design settings page, which you open by selecting Edit Profile and then Design. The objective of customizing the images and color scheme on your Twitter profile is to create a visually stunning profile that supports your branding and attracts followers. Make it professional. Your Twitter profile should look professional, such as when you choose custom images that use the same color schemes. Contribute now.

Spice Up Your Google Search Background [On Chrome]

Used by 12, Users 84 Reviews. If you choose more than one search engine, they will all be shown in a handy submenu! If more than one search engine is selected, a new entry "Open All" will also be shown.

Tired of all that white? Here's how to change the Google background image

You can even choose the tab behaviour that suits your needs! Lightweight, easy, fast, e10s compatible. Submit translations to the GitHub repo.

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