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The correctional facilities within the Northeast Region include:.

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Further, Ohio is served by FCI Elkton, a federal correctional institution, which houses low-security mail offenders. Candidates must:.

Candidates must also successfully complete the officer assessment or have successfully completed the officer assessment within the past 24 months. Further, individuals who want to learn how to become a correctional officer in Cleveland must understand the training requirements involved in this position.

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  8. Upon being hired by the Department, individuals must complete and pass all pre-service training and firearms courses and must re-qualify on annual basis. Corrections officer jobs in Cleveland also require passing an unarmed self-defense course.


    Individuals interested in pursuing federal correctional officer jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, at the FCI Elkton must meet federal correctional officer guidelines for employment as set forth by the Federal Bureau of Prisons BOP. Although education and employment requirements for corrections officer jobs through the BOP vary according to grade level, qualifications for entry-level GS grade level correctional officer jobs in Cleveland require that candidates:. Individuals interested in pursuing correctional officer jobs at the GS level must, in addition to the above requirements, have successfully completed at least one of the following:.

    Columbus, Ohio, and Franklin County had 1, total commitments into its regional correctional facilities in , with 41 percent of those commitments being violent offenders. Likewise, the correctional facilities in Franklin County totaled about 10 percent of the total inmate population in Ohio during this time. Of those committed to Franklin County correctional facilities in , 11 percent were for robbery; nearly 11 percent were for drug possession; 10 percent were for burglary; 6 percent were for felony assault; and 6 percent were for grand theft.

    Individuals interested in pursuing corrections officer jobs in Columbus must meet a key set of minimum requirements, and education and experience requirements differ for state and federal corrections officers:. Corrections officers in Columbus must meet the education and experience requirements set forth by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to qualify for correctional officer jobs in FCI Elkton, a federal correctional institution.

    Individuals who want to pursue entry-level correctional GS grade level officer jobs must possess one of the following:.

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    Individuals who meet the experience requirements for federal correctional officer jobs likely work as a:. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction divides its correctional facilities into regions for administrative purposes. The state correctional facilities in the Southeast Region, which includes Columbus are:. In addition, candidates must complete the officer assessment or have completed the assessment within the last 2 years to qualify for Columbus, OH correctional officer jobs. Individuals who want to learn how to become a correctional officer in Columbusthrough training must understand the pre-service training and firearms courses that must be successfully completed upon being hired.

    All corrections officers in Columbus must also re-qualify annually in training, firearms, and they must pass an unarmed self-defense course. The concentration of correctional officer jobs in and around Dayton provides a multitude of employment opportunities to individuals interested in becoming correctional officers. There are a number of different institutions in and around Dayton that offer a variety of work environments for potential correctional officers, both in security level and the size of the institution.

    Becoming a correctional officer in the Dayton area can serve as an important step for those looking for a career in law enforcement or other areas of the criminal justice system. There is significant opportunity for advancement in the area, with at least one former correctional officer from the area serving as a county sheriff.

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    The Dayton Correctional Institute is mainly a minimum-security facility that was opened in This institution is staffed by employees who are tasked with monitoring and serving up to inmates. The Montgomery County Jail is one of the most historic facilities in the state. The first prison building in the county was a log cabin built in The current facility was finished in , with a recent renovation completed in Montgomery County Jail has the capacity to hold prisoners.

    Greene County is home to two separate correctional facilities that are overseen by the same department: Greene County Jail and the Greene County Detention Center. Greene County Jail — The Greene County Jail was established in and houses both male and female inmates, with the capacity to hold total people.

    The Detention Center has a higher inmate capacity, with a total of beds. The Warren Correctional Institute is less than half an hour away from the city of Dayton, which allows for an easy commute between the city and facility. The Institute opened in and now employs total staff. The facility currently houses 1, either medium or close-security level inmates.

    The job requirements for the Warren Correctional Institute are similar to many other Institutions in Ohio:. Preble County Jail is less than a minute commute from the city of Dayton. The facility opened in and can currently house 70 inmates, 60 male and 10 female. In order to service the facility, the jail has 22 correctional officers in its employ. In order to be considered for a job as a correctional officer at the Preble County Jail, applicants must:. Becoming a correctional officer in Toledo can open up a multitude of job opportunities, both in the city itself, and in the surrounding areas.


    Status All. APA Supervision. Violators at Large. Number A R W.

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    Notes: This site displays data on those offenders who are currently incarcerated in an Ohio prison, currently under Department supervision, judicially released, or who died of natural causes while incarcerated. You can combine searches to narrow the results, but please note that it is better to have too little search criteria than too much.

    Name Search Searches may be done by last name alone or by both first and last names. Searching by first and last name will narrow your results. A last name search of 'Brown' will provide a list of offenders whose last name is Brown as well as those offenders whose last name begins with 'Brown, such as Browning, Browner, etc. It will also list offenders who are Brown, Jr.

    Visiting Hours at Ohio State Penitentiary:

    County of Commitment Search Searches by County of Commitment produces a list of those offenders who are sentenced from the selected county. Offender Number Searches by Number should be used if the offender number is known. A prefix, 'A', 'R', or 'W', must be used to search by offender number.