How to trace an e-mail address

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Open the email you want to see the headers for. The headers will show in a new window. Excite Webmail Log in to your Excite account. Hotmail Log in to your Hotmail account.

Find the Person Behind an Email Address

Right-click the email you want to see the headers for. Mail Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.

Select the email you want to see the headers for. Apple Mail Open Apple Mail. The headers will show in the window below your inbox.

Step 5 Locate a "Whois" database online with a quick search on your favorite search engine. Tip The IP address will be a series of numbers and dots such as Warning If the email was of malicious nature, which normally originates from foreign countries, you may not want to try to call the address host for further information. Video of the Day.

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Part 1: Trace email using email header

That is accurate since the email was from my wife from our house in Allen, TX. As you can see, the circle is quite large, but the little red marker is fairly close to where I live. This is a pretty lucky instance where I got some useful info. In another email, for example, I got the following IP address: You may have to furnish court orders, etc, but at least you have a starting point.

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Trace an e-mail back to its geographical location including spam filter

In the example above, finding the contact info for the medical center would be pretty easy. However, that is not always the case. My favorite one is from WHOis. This will give you information on the organization that hosts that IP address and their registration information.

You can always contact them to try and find more information on that particular IP address. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor.

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