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  • There are still 100,000 pay phones in America;
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  • The next era of the public payphone is about to begin!

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Now you can own your own piece of Americana. Have you ever used a payphone and thought to yourself, " That would be a great novelty idea for the pool room, family room, or office. What a conversation piece". These collectible quality pieces of American history and memorabilia can be yours for far less than you might expect. Photos are for example purposes only, some features of the actual phone may differ ie. Securely store your valuables with the addition of the optional lock and key sets.

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Airport managers seem to realize that people traveling often leave certain vital things at home. International travelers are also in need of pay phones if they have not purchased special ones for the country they are traveling to. As a result, airports still have large numbers of pay phones.

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  4. Look for local government and community centers. Government buildings, such as the county's courthouse, often have payphones. Every county in the United States has their own courthouse or some form of office, which are generally home to pay phones which are accessible to the community. Because people in courthouses often have important messages that they need to share with family members, there seems to be an understanding that pay phones can provide a needed service.

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    Outside of courthouses, you might also want to try these: Post offices frequently have pay phones. Again, these are public use facilities, and pay phones can be a useful connection in such places.

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    Public libraries often have pay phones as well, and most of those that do not usually offer internet service. If they do not have pay phones, you can at least use resources there to find one. Method 2. Use a website to find pay phones near you.

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    If you have access to the internet you can search certain websites for information about pay phones near your. There are now a number of websites that list pay phones in most states of the United States, as well as a few places overseas. These websites are creations of a community of online users who want to create catalogs of useful information--sounds familiar, right?

    That is both the advantage and disadvantage of these sites; in places where many users want to make information accessible, they are often quite good, but where there are few people engaged with this sort of online activity the quality is lacking. Still, you are looking for options, and so here are a few examples: The website Payphone Directory offers a list of pay phones by city and state.

    5 Things We Learned About Pay Phones & Why They Continue To Exist

    The search options on the sight are a bit limited, but the list of phones is extensive. If you are searching for something nearby--including a pay phone--just type the name of the item in the main search box and then add the name of your location. A list of options will appear, and a map will show you where they are located.

    Ask local people where a pay phone can be found. Because of the increasing scarcity of pay phones, you may have your best luck by simply asking the people who know the area well.

    For rural areas where the population tends to be older and internet connections are harder to have at home, there will be little information about payphones on any website.