Cant find my ustream id

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SteamID is used primarily to identify individual users on Steam. Since Steam users are able to change their profile names at any time, SteamID is the best way to tell whether a user is actually the person they claim to be. The easiest way to find your own SteamID is to look at your profile, or your main community hub page, in the Steam client. Your SteamID can actually be found in the web address of your Steam community profile.

You do have to change a setting in Steam for your SteamID to show up, but that's the most difficult part. If you have created a custom Steam URL, this option won't work.

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You will need to use a lookup tool. If you're not sure whether or not you have a custom URL, then complete the following steps to find out. Open your favorite web browser , and navigate to steamidfinder.

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This tool provides your ID in three different forms. These games are made by Valve, and Valve also makes Steam, which is why this method works. This method allows you to see your own SteamID and the SteamIDs of the other players that are connected to the same server as you. If you're looking for the SteamID of someone you played with previously, this method will not work.

If it still doesn't work, create a support ticket with subject 'technical issues' for the best information! It should work because your steam account is on the truckersmp website forever. This is to prevent ban evading. The best answer has been marked.

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It's time to downgrade! Search In. Posted July 31, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. Posted August 4, Regards, -Arctic Wolf. Posted August 1, There is a known issue that some of the e-mail addresses do not work when logging into the MP client. Change your e-mail address of the account to one that will work with the MP client. In order to change your e-mail address, you need to contact Support team and have them change your e-mail address. Simply create a new ticket and ask them to change your e-mail address for your account.

You can use the scheduling tool on the match page to signal your opponent that you're active and want to play. You may also use the comment section of a match page to discuss any matters.

It's important to use the tools on our website however. Communication via other platforms will not be accepted as evidence in general. First of all suggest a match date using the scheduling tool on the match page early on. If there is no response from them within 48 hours, your suggested match date will be the new official date as well.

How to Find Your Steam ID

If the opposite team is entirely inactive, you may claim a default win 15 minutes after the new official match date. The team shown first on the match page is supposed to host and post the password and lobby details in the hosting tool.

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Before each match the leader or a captain of each team has to select a roster from the team members and up to two standins. Afterwards each of the player has to confirm the participation check-in for the particular match.

can't get SteamID from username · Issue # · SteamRE/SteamKit · GitHub

Only then the match can be played. If a team fails to check-in, it will receive a default loss. In case there are technical issues with the check-in, please write a support ticket. If you run into issues while playing, try to solve them by yourselves as good as you can. That involves knowing and applying the League Rules as well as basic human communication between both teams to find a fair solution. If you submit a support ticket and wait for admin interference, we cannot promise to get involved in time - with matches going on every day around the clock, a permanent live support can unfortunately not be provided.

If absolutely no solution can be obtained within a reasonable timeframe, you may cancel the match and await admin instructions within the next few days - however in most cases it is highly recommended to finish the match and then have it investigated afterwards. While there is no official broadcast for most matches, we still provide Premier Division and Division 2 matches for you to follow in two ways: Either check out DotaTV and look for the current season in the list of leagues, or browse through the matchticker to find current matches with videostreams attached to them.

If you want to watch lower division matches, you should try to get in touch with the involved teams directly. If you want to broadcast matches in low divisions, all you need is the approval of the two teams.