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A company of the US government tell the Native peoples how to govern who is able to be in a tribe. This is completely ridiculous to me and many others. Never in any documented case did Indigenous people think or applied citizenship in this manner. Once we were forced off the concentration camps called reservations… this is when the real fight for the government began, trying to make sure certain natives will get benefits paid for and supplied by the US Government.


Tribal leaders so greedy and fearful of real survival took the bait. We all know and coming into knowing who the real Indigenous peoples of the Americas are. All over the world indigenous people share the same quality hue…. We share the same ways of life meaning sharing and being happy. Blood Quantum is exactly what is says it is made up built up written up European Man Law…not actual life or organic living but made up by white men wanting to play god and control a defeated people in their worst and most desperate hour.

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After years of abuse and use US government wants to pretend this is the best way to preserve a nation of people. So tell me this in our so called melting pot of the Americas……..

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I took the 23 and me test. I have answered this question more and more lately. In the small print on the disclaimer for the test it states this is for purely entertainment purposes only. There are tribes in the US and all of them have enrollment requirements but none consist of a Blind DNA test such as the type sold by Ancestry.

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And as for your fathers military records you sound as if the army had singled your father out. If your skin is as white as you say it is, sorry you are by no means Indian. Be happy in the skin that your in. Not the skin that you want to be. Why do you need to be cruel. You have no ideal how proud Native Americans are and to stand up to say you are is important for the future of our tribes.

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Why come here and read this then be hateful to someone looking for help. You are what is wrong with our country t oday. Shame on you. My grandfather was a scout for the Union during the war and later a tinker.

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As with many, my family was not ashamed of their past or roots yet more felt the desire to acclimate and become accepted, i. Could someone help me?

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Thank You. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Whitecloud says: December 12, Justin Reeves says: March 14, Paul G says: March 14, Bueno says: September 27, Josiah Hair says: August 18, Viola Wallace says: January 13, Please note that other supporting documents may be required depending upon the application, and if either parent or other relative is currently enrolled.

All researched enrollment applications are then presented to the Wichita Executive Committee for final approval by tribal resolution. All applicants are asked to please allow weeks for processing. Address updates for tribal members will be accepted by written request or by e-mail to: michelle. Please submit a return address when requesting updated documents to be returned to you by mail. In addition, you must provide the following in your request:. Release of Information for Documents.

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