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Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. Please note : These questions and answers provide general information only and are not intended as legal advice or guidance on specific situations that individuals or couples may face. If you have questions about your specific circumstances, you may wish to consult an attorney who practices in the relevant area of law e. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation or because you are married to a person of the same sex, you may also contact the ACLU of Wisconsin at or through our website, www.

This is not a guarantee of legal representation and you should take whatever steps are necessary to preserve your rights while we review your concerns. Entering into a marriage gives you and your spouse the benefits, protections and obligations of marriage under state and local laws in Wisconsin.

These benefits and duties are too numerous to list, but a few of them are described here. Married same-sex couples living in Wisconsin have access to all the protections and responsibilities provided to different-sex couples. There are over 1, federal laws in which marital status is relevant. Federal marriage benefits include things such as the spousal exemption from the estate tax and exclusion of the value of health insurance coverage for a spouse from treatment as taxable income.

A person can sponsor a foreign-born spouse for citizenship. And spouses of veterans are entitled to certain federal benefits. Getting married entails making a personal and long-lasting commitment to another person. A marriage can be profoundly rewarding and brings with it many tangible benefits.

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However, a marriage should not be entered into lightly. Marriage carries many rights and protections, but also many duties and obligations. For some couples, marriage may even be financially disadvantageous. Immigration status for foreign nationals may also affect whether marriage is appropriate. Also, if you are considering adopting a child from outside the Unites States, you may wish to find out whether that country might not approve an adoption by lesbians, gay men or a same-sex couple before marrying.

The State operates a domestic partner registry that provides same-sex couples some, but nowhere close to all, of the protections of marriage, such as inheritance rights and the right to hospital visitation. A number of municipalities around the state have also passed domestic partnership ordinances that provide some additional protections.

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Finally, the State of Wisconsin, some municipalities, and several private employers provide health insurance and other employment benefits for the domestic partners of their employees. You can get married, but your domestic partnership will be automatically terminated on the date of the marriage. If you wish to be married, you need to take the steps described above to get married in Wisconsin or get married in another jurisdiction that allows same-sex couples to marry. We were married in another state before it was recognized in Wisconsin and are also registered as domestic partners in Wisconsin.

Is that domestic partnership still valid? The domestic partnership statute does not appear to specifically address this circumstance. Your marriage is now definitely recognized.

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While it is possible that your domestic partnership also will remain in effect, it is unlikely to matter to a married couple, since marriage includes all the benefits of domestic partnerships. We are Wisconsin residents, but were married in another state before it was recognized in Wisconsin. Do we need to remarry in Wisconsin? Can we remarry, just to be sure?

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In fact, Wisconsin law says that couples who are already married cannot get another marriage license. We were married in Wisconsin between June 6 and June 13, Those marriages were legally entered into, and the State of Wisconsin has announced that it will recognize these marriages and treat them the same as marriages of different-sex couples. As explained above, marriage licenses may not be issued to people who are already lawfully married to one another.

If you are a same-sex couple and marry in Wisconsin, then your marriage will be recognized in all the states that currently recognize the marriages of same-sex couples. You can buy vital records through the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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On the individual record, click the orange "Buy" button and proceed through the Online Store purchasing process. Orders are usually mailed or emailed within two weeks of receipt. Wisconsin Historical Society Members receive a percent discount. Learn how to become a member.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married in Wisconsin

The U. Federal Census can help identify a spouse or narrow down the year of marriage. Federal Censuses, , note if each individual is single, married, widowed or divorced. The and Federal Censuses also note how many years an individual has been married to their present spouse.

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Wisconsin death records asked for the name of the spouse at the time of death. Even if the spouse was deceased, a name may still be listed. These may reveal the date and place of their marriage. Search our website for your Wisconsin ancestor's obituary. Write down the location information for the obituary, then view it in the newspaper on microfilm in the Society's Library. Some records were never forwarded to state officials and are therefore not included in the Pre Vital Records indexes created from state copies.

Consider the possibility that they were married in a neighboring state, or the bride's native state. The Society has approximately 1 million names from Wisconsin marriage records.