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How do I apply for a business license? Business License Applications are available from the Finance Department located on the First Floor at City Hall or call to have one mailed or e-mailed to you.

The license year is July 1 through June 30 annually. Renewing applicants will receive an annual renewal packet in May. Vending Machine licenses are charged a set fee per machine. A list of vending machine license fees may be found in section When are business license applications due? New businesses must apply for and secure a license prior to the opening of their business.

Missouri Court Records

Renewal business license applications are due each year by June 30 and become delinquent on August 1, at which time penalties are incurred. How do I apply for a liquor license? Liquor License applications are available at the City Hall Customer Service Counter located in the first floor lobby or may be e-mailed to you by contacting The authority to regulate the trading in and dispensing of alcoholic beverages is granted by State statutes.

The manner in which Clayton regulates this trade is established by City ordinance. Upon receipt of your completed application, an investigation will be made of your background, the background of your firm and other pertinent items. A report summarizing these findings will be submitted to the City Manager, who will recommend to the Board of Aldermen to approve or deny the license.

The Board will by resolution at their next regularly scheduled public meeting approve or deny the license.

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Not only does this disclosure promote a sense of transparency, but it also safeguards government accountability. Missouri State Records StateRecords.

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How do Missouri Courts work? Civil Cases and Small Claims Civil and small claims matters are very different in the state of Missouri, with each dealing with different types of cases and different sums of money. Appeals and court limits The appeals process also differs from civil courts to small claims courts in Missouri.

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Why are court records public? State Archives.

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The Missouri Lafayette County Courthouse was built in the year It is not advisable to place cash in the drop box. The Joplin Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction and record which, through its judges and staff, adjudicates traffic infractions and misdemeanor offenses that are alleged to have occurred within the Joplin city limits. Judges, pursuant to applicable provisions of City Ordinance, various state laws and court rules, conduct all hearings - there are no jury trials in Municipal Court.

The main mission of the Court is to promptly and fairly adjudicate all cases filed and to enforce judgments rendered. Ancillary functions include supervising probationers, conducting alcohol and drug evaluations and drug and alcohol education programs, coordinating community service and house arrest activities, provide information to citizens about the municipal judicial process and collect fines and fees.