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Album: Never Take Friendship Personal. Sadly, the bass parts are inaudible for the most part. However, every once in a while it can actually be heard, but is usually playing something incredibly simple. While the guitarist has some very weak moments and falls back on generic riffs in a chorus here and there I think he deserves a little more credit. For example, the intro riff on The Feel Good Drag is golden and he proves his worth in a few solos and in some of the mellower parts he shows he knows how to use his insturment well.

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I agree the bass is mostly inaudible but if you listen to it with some good headphones and pick out the bass lines you can tell that he isn't your average pop- punk bassist. He follows the guitarist when its required but often times his lines move the song along and are not quite as simple as you would think. Anyways I thought this album was pretty bland when I first bought it but it grew on me each time I listened and I quite enjoy it now.

This Message Edited On Album Rating: 4. I'm aware of that, but when the bass is actually easy to hear, what is heard is simple. I like the album although I find it a little difficult to listen through the whole thing in one listen. Solid effort by the band and you nailed the description of the vocal delivery and style. Album Rating: 5. I listened to this album today, woop.

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And yet it's okay to say you like a band and not "back up your opinion"? Anberlin Never Take Friendship Personal 4. Anberlin is an alternative-rock act that formed in The album sold moderately well peaking out at the 60, mark. In February of , Anberlin then released their follow-up album, and focus of this review, "Never Take Friendship Personal". The key feature to the album is Stephen Christian"s lyrics, and vocals.


Without either of the two the whole album would be a complete failure. Stephen"s singing is smooth, catchy, and goes perfectly well with the intelligently written lyrics. The guitar parts are simple, but every once in a while an impressive solo pops up.

The drums provide solid beats, and the occasional fill, but nothing more. The title-track, "Never Take Friendship Personal" , is one of the more emotional songs, and features exciting guitar harmonization for the opening that is attractive.

Never Take Friendship Personal lyrics

It is also contains some of the more in depth lyrics that I spoke of earlier. Blues Classical Country.

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