Vin # location for 1946 chevrolet pickup

Joined: Jul I bought a coupe of art deco Chevy trucks and need help with a positive ID on one of them. It is titled a , which I know may be an extremely rare occurrence, so I want to be sure of its origin. The title vin says BDBK The badly worn cowl plate has the numbers "46" in the center, and 9CK11 at the bottom The engice near the distributor looks like it has SC A stamped on it, it is very light, but after using a dremel and small wire brush, that's what I could read.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Bill. Joined: Jan West Allis,Wi. Chev Nut. Either way the truck or early had no chrome trim.

16 digit vin decoder

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1946 Chevrolet Pickup -- SOLD

Here's a few things that I do not understand: 1- Is there a list posted somewhere that you guys know about the prefixes and length of serial numbers or is there something published somewhere to decipher the vin? It's a Pennsylvania title, if that matters Any help at all is very much appreciated! Prior to most states used the engine number for registration and it was on the title. The numbers went from and up to about The following Bk-xxx BK and BD were both used on engines bt not both on one engine.

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An change of engine may have caused both numbers to appear on the title. The 9CK 11 xxxx is the serial number and is the prefix to a truck actual serial number. To answer your question of where to look try: chevy. Okay, so if I've gotten this right Is the "" a production number? I would also assume that since I cannot find any other numbers are there any hidden anywhere else?

Chevrolet built both the CCKW and , former being the inch short wheelbase version with a nine foot bed, and the later being the inch long wheelbase type with a twelve foot bed. Both types came with or without a front mounted winch. Louis, MO plant. Louis also helped build 37, cargo dump trucks, of which the last forty units built at St. Louis were cargo dump trucks.

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Chevrolet also built 3, cab and chassis only for F3 gallon fuel tankers and L1 gallon lubricant tankers for the Army Air Corps. The bed portion was provided by a third party. Each one had a code which was the first number in the serial number. Author's photo. Referencing the tables on the Chevrolet WWII vehicle production page , it can be determined this is a type ZM truck and that 6, were built in Louis production line.

Note the similarity in the engine cowling and grill with the previous Chevrolet truck.

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They look very similar as they came off of the same Chevrolet presses in Flint, MI. Starting in Chevrolet St.

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  • Louis would have started building the open cab versions of the CCKW like this one until the end of the war. Previous to that time it was building the closed cab like the one below. Author's photo added Chevrolet St. Louis provided all of the 3, cab and chassis for these type vehicle. Note that this model has the front winch.

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    Photo courtesy of Rob Ellert. Photo added This nice looking example of the NL series of dump trucks was one of 5, built by Chevrolet for the military in Send Private Topic View Profile. It does have the original engine.

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