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This bill updates the Act, which provides the overarching framework that governs how information on births, deaths, marriages, and civil unions is registered in this country. It aims to provide more timely access to birth and death information, and rapid access to historical records in the digital age. Having spent over a decade in child and youth health research, I was a frequent user of births, deaths, and marriages information.

One of the biggest issues we had was timeliness, because it was often a two-year lag between when somebody had passed away and when we could access the death registration data. Also, for birth registrations, it was often several months—up to six months—before we could access that information. Also, just things like some of the deaths from child abuse, and with the intense interventions that we've been doing within the health sector, thinking about whether that was having any impact—because it's the ability to tailor what you're doing to what you see in the data, and that's not really possible in the current situation.

Online access to historical NZ birth, death and marriage records

The other thing we had with the delays in the birth registration data was we couldn't really assess how many births were happening each year, and so it was often difficult when we were trying to calculate accurate infant mortality rates—again, key to some of our monitoring. So what this bill says is that a preliminary notice of birth has to be provided to the Registrar-General within five working days following a birth, and a preliminary notice of death has to be provided by the doctor within three working days of giving a death certificate, thereby creating some more streamlining in the process.

A lot of the changes in this respect address the recommendations of the Law Commission review into deaths, burial, and cremation. So it's a fairly evidence-based approach; it's been based on a very, very thorough review of the area. If issue living, state ages of each, and sex. Place and date of marriage. Name, age, occupation and marital status of groom. Name, age and marital status of bride. Names and residences of the witnesses. Name, age, occupation, marital status, birthplace and residence of groom.

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Research your family history. Births, deaths and marriages. NZ research sources. Immigration to NZ. NZ Chinese.

CoraWeb - Birth, death, marriage and probate records

International resources. Locating birth parents. Ask an expert. Download the guide. Deaths on New Zealand aircraft or ships. Medical certificates in relation to illness [Repealed]. Medical certificates in relation to accidents to elderly persons [Repealed]. Bodies to be disposed of within reasonable time [Repealed]. Transfer of charge of body [Repealed]. Registrar to be notified when body disposed of or removed. Notification of death where court gives leave to swear to death. Notification of death reported to coroner where body destroyed or irrecoverable.

Notification of death reported to coroner in other cases. Other person may be authorised to notify. Manner of notification of death. Time within which death to be notified. Registrars to register deaths. Register of deaths of certain service personnel. Registrar to be notified when disinterred body disposed of or removed.

Deposit with Registrar-General of death certificates issued outside New Zealand. Marriages in New Zealand to be registered. Marriages outside New Zealand. Marriage information to be sent to Registrar. Registrars to register marriages. Registrar-General may register certain marriages. Overseas ceremony where New Zealand representative attends. Dissolutions to be recorded. Convictions for bigamy, and for coerced marriage, to be recorded. Celebrants and Registrars to be notified [Repealed].

Recording new names in relation to marriages. Civil unions under Civil Union Act to be registered.

What is civil registration?

Civil unions solemnised by celebrant. Registrars to register civil unions.

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Change to form of relationship to be recorded. Convictions for bigamy, and for coerced civil union, to be recorded. Recording new names in relation to civil unions. Birth certificates for adopted persons. Birth certificates after sexual assignment or reassignment.

Websites for family history research

Request for new identity information for certain witnesses, etc. Birth certificates where error in birth registration corrected. Birth certificates generally. Surnames on certain birth certificates. Death certificates. Marriage certificates. Civil union certificates. Name change certificates. Certificates to be prima facie evidence.

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Fees for certificates. Definitions for sections 74 to 75G. Access to birth information, death information, marriage information, civil union information, or name change information. Persons authorised to access source documents. Subject of birth information, marriage information, civil union information, or name change information may search access register and request non-disclosure direction. Effect and duration of non-disclosure direction.

Registrar may provide limited verification of registered information that becomes publicly available while non-disclosure direction in force.