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I hope you enjoy the result.

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I may have another winter version to post in the days ahead Please help me build a replacement for Bucephalus! Dual and triple-screen versions are available!

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Multi-Screen Render Pickle Jar Versions I told myself I wasn't going to do another Halloween render this year but I found myself building a spooky forest and one thing lead to another. A little bit of Sleepwalkers and a dash of Midnight Trooper. I hope you enjoy it and have a safe and happy Halloween!! I still have much to learn.

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As usual I debated whether or not to add a human to this but in the end decided against it. All of humanity hangs there in the void. I ended up changing the sun position making the moon position impossible but I've been able to realign things for the night version. I hope you enjoy it! He was describing a technique for "warping" dunes around rocks and it looked like something I wanted to try for myself.

In the background you will see some of my other early attempts, but I decided to do something a bit more ambitious for the foreground. I'd done oases before but never viewed from the desert. I have a confession to make. I actually created this scene last year but the rendering wasn't finished until early November so I stashed it away.

You Me at Six

It's an update to and old favorite called " Two Pumpkins Jack o'Lanterns " from nearly 20 years ago. This time I modeled the jack o'lanterns using Oculus Medium. Maybe I'll do another Halloween render this year but I'm having too much fun exploring Gaea stay tuned! Dual and triple-screen versions are in the works! Here is a much wider view of the scene. To be honest, this isn't exactly the same mountain. I did a few tweaks in Gaea before zooming out. The trees are a bit different too than in "Autumn Cove", with less "non-Western" varieties.

It's a bit less colorful but I think a bit more realistic. I hope you like it!

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As the title suggests, I will be returning to this scene I created this particular piece to get some practice texturing and shading my landscapes specifically on high-slope areas. Hope you enjoy it! This render was created on my old Bucephalus workstation while Shadowfax renders another new project. Stay tuned! Not a Member? Enter your email address and be notified when I post new artwork!

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Digital Blasphemy. Pickle Jar Versions. Print Available. Print Available Pickle Jar Versions. Working with Gaea here to create a realistic Autumn mountain scene. In the end though I decided to leave off the mountaintop. Believe me, there's quite a bit more beyond the frame here watch for the multiscreen soon!

My first version of this had a uniform distribution of trees going up the hillside, but I thought it would be more interesting to have the autumn colors transition to evergreens with altitude. Dual and triple-screen versions coming soon!

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You guys have been great to me so I would rather give you the present :- As the leaves start to change I start thinking about Autumn renders. I'd known since posting " Misty Ridge " in June that I was going to do an Autumn version but I didn't know at the time how taxing it would be on my machine. It really pushed Shadowfax to its limits but I hope the result was worth it. Just scratching the surface here so I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. I'd added a little traveller for scale but decided at the last minute to remove him. Maybe I'll put it in the Pickle Jar later. The gas giant was created using Lightwave and the moons are all Vue planetary terrains. I had thought initially to recreate " Majesty " but the foreground doesn't really match the original all that well. At the very least, disable it so that it is no longer controlling your display settings.

It will simply prevent it from happening again once you do fix it. If an app was the cause of the problem, disable it and try to change your wallpaper again. Instead of setting a static wallpaper, set a slideshow instead. If it works, change it to a static image after. If this file is corrupt, Windows will not be able to display your wallpaper. You might also see a file called Settings.

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Open it in Notepad and delete the contents of this file. Save the changes you made and close it. It should work this time around. In File Explorer, navigate to the folder with the image you want to set as the desktop background. Open the Control Panel app and go to Ease of Access.