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Was there an error inputting the candidate's info? Rerun all or part of a report. State Law Disclosures. Disclaimer: Some of the information contained in this report is derived from public record databases. The depth of such information available varies. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, GoodHire does not recommend relying solely on information from public record databases to make employment decisions. Depending on the state, public record databases may not contain records that can be retrieved directly from the court through a County Criminal Court Check. This search confirms name, aliases, and previous counties of residence based on your social security number.

Employers use this step to validate that your SSN matches your legal name, and resident counties direct county-level criminal records searches.

Make sure the names and addresses associated with your Social Security number are correct. Many employers run a County Criminal Court search before making an employment decision. This search checks national, state, and county criminal databases using the candidate's name, date of birth, and Social Security number. We suggest you also run a County Criminal Court Search on the counties where you might have a more recent criminal history.

Run a County Criminal Court Search. These records are typically less serious offenses or misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, that are returned as part of a national database check using the candidate's name, date of birth and social security number. This search uses your name and date of birth to search the list of registered sex offenders.

This search looks for name matches only. A panel urine analysis includes all the checks in the 5-panel, plus Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Methaqualone and Propoxyphene.

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The first column represents initial test cutoff concentrations. The second column represents confirmatory test cutoff concentrations. Initial and confirmatory testing are performed using different testing methodologies that result in different cutoff levels. Once a urine specimen has been provided by the candidate to the laboratory, the laboratory will run up to two analyses on the specimen.

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The results of the initial or first test generally determine whether a confirmatory or second test is needed. Regardless of the number of analyses performed, each result is reviewed, interpreted, and confirmed by a Medical Review Officer. Applicant Jim provides a urine specimen to the laboratory. The initial test comes back negative. The MRO interprets the results, and determines that a confirmatory test is not necessary.

Applicant Sarah provides a urine specimen to the laboratory. The initial test comes back positive. Because the initial test is positive, the specimen Sarah provided is automatically put through confirmatory testing. In addition, the states of Louisiana, Hawaii, Maine, Arkansas and Alaska have special circumstances concerning their cut-off levels. MROs are medical highly-trained specialists to read and confirm results.

Every candidate who has a positive lab result is granted the opportunity to speak with an MRO before a report is made to the company. Payment Pattern Data consists of a string of characters representing delinquency ratings for a series of months. The first character of the payment pattern represents the rating at the Start date of the payment.

This check searches Federal District Courts for criminal records that may belong to you.

Crimes prosecuted in Federal Courts include kidnapping, wire fraud, drug trafficking, embezzlement and crimes committed on federal property or against federal agencies. This check searches Federal Courts for matches on your name. GoodHire then reviews results for additional identifiers linking the defendant to you. Please note, GoodHire will not report a record for which there is only a name match.

This check differs from the National Criminal Check, which searches county and state-level sources for criminal records.


Federal crimes are not searched through the National Criminal Check, and state crimes are not searched through the Federal Criminal Check. Please be sure to select the appropriate check. Level 3 only. Healthcare Sanctions Searches review thousands of government sources for any penalties, suspensions, or punitive or disciplinary actions taken against a healthcare professional.

Review any sanctions found or penalties returned and determine whether the infractions are serious enough to alter your decision to hire the candidate. We recommend discussing the results with your candidate to make sure you understand the context of the infractions. If you decide not to hire, make sure to follow the multi-step adverse action process required by the FCRA. To complete this check, a runner is dispatched to a county courthouse.

The county court check is the most up-to-date criminal records check, since it takes time for records to be digitized and put into the national criminal database.

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Most County Criminal Court Checks are returned within business days. However, some counties do not allow public access to their databases, meaning a county clerk must assist all court runners to retrieve records manually. This can sometimes delay the time it takes to deliver a report. Many employers run a County Criminal Court Search before making an employment decision. We recommend that employers run county searches in a candidate's current county of residence as well as two surrounding counties.

This search expands an investigation by accessing unique records in the designated state from statewide sources such as the State Judicial Court System, State Police, State Department of Law Enforcement, or the Administrative Office of the Courts. While most results will come back within a business day, whenever a possible record is returned and has been reviewed by our automated compliance filters, additional verification of the completeness and applicability of the result may be done by our Compliance Quality Assurance Team.

If you suspect your candidate might have a more recent criminal history and you are not sure whether the record will be at the county or state level, we recommend running a federal, statewide, and county-level search to be certain we find the record in question. An International Education Verification includes the verification of academic status of any educational level such as high school, college, post grad, etc. An International Employer Verification includes the verification of previous employment history to confirm work experience.

This search verifies that the educational information you provided is true. Each verification purchased verifies one school. Studies have shown that education is the most lied about part of a resume. This search verifies that you currently hold a professional license in a particular field and whether or not that license is active. If the information provided doesn't exactly match official records, an alert might be returned.

Double check the information provided or contact GoodHire if you have questions. This verifies that the employment information you provided is true.


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Each verification purchased verifies one employer. Each verification checks one employer. It's a good idea to verify all relevant employers. Run a motor vehicle check. Rerun all or part of a background check. Learn More About Ongoing Alerts. GoodHire consent forms have built-in employee consent for ongoing background checks. California has specific rules that require employers to re-obtain consent. But GoodHire helps with this too. Read more about ongoing alerts. We notify you if we discover new criminal records. You get continual peace of mind. Background check results are only as accurate as the data that goes into them.

Misspelled name First or Last : A misspelled name affects results throughout the background check. If you have reason to believe this record does not belong to your candidate, you can hide it using the button below. Criminal records are matched on name, date of birth, and sometimes social security number when available. Be sure to check with your candidate if you have any doubts about the accuracy of this report.

The National Criminal Databases Search is fast and easy.

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Employers often use it to make a hiring decision. Records can take up to three months to be digitized and added to the national criminal database. County courthouse records sometimes contain details that were not passed on to the national criminal database. To complete the County Criminal Court Search, we dispatch a court runner to the county courthouse.

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It is a labor-intensive, but important process to see all records. Although the National Criminal Databases Search is fast and easy, it may not return the most complete records. County court records are more timely. While county records are always current, it can take up to three months for criminal records to be digitized and available in online databases. County court records likely have more details. To complete the County Court Search, we send a professional researcher to the county courthouse to check for records in person.

If the Social Security number is entered incorrectly at the start of a background check, records may be returned that do not belong to your candidate. If this happens, we suggest you contact the candidate directly for clarification. If you have additional questions, contact us between 8am ET and 8pm ET.

Professional court runners search at the county level for the most current and accurate records, particularly for counties where records have not been digitized. Searches across the 94 US federal courts for violations of federal criminal law, such as tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, interstate trafficking, and kidnapping.