Nervous employee background check misdemeanor marijuana

I am hoping they do not judge me on these pending charges which I was not suppose to get charged for anyways.

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Hopefully, I eventually start with this company. I am planning on taking them proof of the dismissal of charges as soon as I walk out the courthouse. I even called my lawyer and asked him to give me some kind of letter explaining the case and why it will get dismissed, hoping that they will be understanding.

What ended up happening with the interviews? I am currently going through the exact same thing, had half a dozen job offers but after completion of my background check, they disappear. I try to call and explain the absolutely bogus pending charges made from my malicious ex-boyfriend, but they wont even speak to me about it. Jones in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yes mine says pending case so I hope I get the job.

At the time when it asked me if have I ever been convicted of any crimes I wasn't convicted then. Now I'm just starting to get these messages I'm in pa. I was call in for a prescreening postion with new york transit. I have an open pending case for driving accident in I put this down and a no-fault too!

Would they still hire me because im still going to trial. No they will not hire you until they have something in writing that states your not guilty or no pending charges are against you. I'm going through the same thing. The job I applied for won't hire me until my trial is over. Good luck with everything. Ralph in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ralphie in Reading, Pennsylvania said: I have 2 pending misdemeanors, Terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, and simple assault.

Does New Jersey have Misdemeanors?

For those wondering, they had me start regardless of the outcome of the case. I explained the situation and they sympathized with me.

Always be truthful and explain you charges with remorse. They seem ro like that. That should not affect you or come up on background checks unless you have pending criminal charges. Now, if they pull your driving record, they might see it. But i wouldnt be too worried because you cant be the first person they hire that has has a car accident before. I have a pending domestic violence charge in which i am totally innocent of.

I have a lawyer who is working to get removed from my record. In the meantime, a large company is having an extensive background check done on me. It is very unsettling as i wait for the results. I don't have any other record. KokoB in Olympia, Washington. Upload your resume Sign in. Advanced Job Search. Forums are open to the public. Content is not continuously monitored. All content is user created. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search.

The firm retracted their offer. Anybody have any input.

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What was the result here? Thank you all. So if they ask, can I lie and say no, and get away with it? You have to read the question carefully. Depending on how the question is formatted: Some applications will only ask you if you have a felony conviction. Was charges out of state or in Tennessee. I even asked my lawyer to make me a letter explaining the case and how the case is gonna be dismissed and eventually get expunged When they asked Ted Bundy if he had ever been convicted of a felony, he said "Convicted?

I even asked my lawyer to make me a letter explaining the case and how the case is gonna be dismissed and eventually get expunged What ended up happening with the interviews?

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Job title, keywords, or company. City, state, or zip code. Ronnie in Mays Landing, New Jersey 82 months ago.

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Zachary Williams in philadelphia, Pennsylvania 78 months ago. It sucks cause it seems your guilty until your proven innocent in there eyes Reply. Someone who is worried as wel in Los Angeles, California 67 months ago. Did they end up telling you what your charges were? Pwpotter 63 months ago.

If I have a pending misdemeanor simple possession charge in a different state from where I live will that be a issue with me finding in my home state, charge was in TN I stay in MO Reply. Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan 43 months ago. TechNerd in Bronx, New York 41 months ago. Hunter in Saint Paul, Minnesota 40 months ago. Questions in San Jose, California 39 months ago. Thank you all Reply. Unemployed in Tennessee 38 months ago.

Chappy78 in Tampa, Florida 36 months ago. Fanie in Brooklyn, New York 35 months ago. Anthony in Lakeland, Florida 35 months ago. In America, a pending Cassville means you're guilty and it's insanely frustrating Reply. Random in Plano, Texas 34 months ago. King in Johnson City, Tennessee 33 months ago.

Was charges out of state or in Tennessee Reply. Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan 33 months ago. Guitana Jones in West Hartford, Connecticut 33 months ago. Can someone contact me please Reply. SelenaN in Arlington, Texas 33 months ago. Cococrispie1 in Olympia, Washington 32 months ago.

Feeling hopeless in King George, Virginia 30 months ago. I have a pending possession not marijuana charge no conviction trail is set for two weeks worried I will not be able to gain employment Reply. JustME17 in Los angeles, California 30 months ago. I even asked my lawyer to make me a letter explaining the case and how the case is gonna be dismissed and eventually get expunged Reply.

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada 30 months ago. Ralphie in Reading, Pennsylvania 29 months ago. Jones in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 29 months ago.