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Unofficial background checks are not appropriate for employment, tenancy, or other official purposes, but can be useful for finding out more about:. Background checks are permissible in Wisconsin, and the state does not restrict the use of third-party criminal history checks provided the requestor follows federal laws established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission relating to notifying applicants. Wisconsin restricts the use of fingerprint-based background checks to state agencies and approved organizations.

This includes applicants for professional license and sensitive positions like law enforcement, caregiving, and alarm installation. Employers are prevented from inquiring about arrests that did not result in a conviction, but may ask about arrests with pending charges. In most cases, employers in Wisconsin are prevented from using arrest and conviction information as the sole reason to deny an applicant. Because the use of name-based background checks can result in false reports, the state of Wisconsin has laws allowing individuals to remove false information on background checks.

A background check is not free in Wisconsin. Name-based background checks can be purchased online through the Department of Justice once a registered account is created.

Federal Protections for Applicants With a Criminal Record

The state of Wisconsin requires that fingerprint-based background checks be conducted by the FBI. Wisconsin criminal history records checks can be purchased individually or a subscription may be purchased online. Law enforcement and certain other criminal records check requests cannot be processed online. Wisconsin does not post the cost of the name-based background check online.

Background Checks

An unofficial background check is done by accessing public records retained by state agencies and affiliates. Many records are available, but individuals must know which agencies hold the records they are requesting. Various agencies retain official records and make them available to the public. The Wisconsin Department of Justice is responsible for acting as the state-wide criminal history repository.

Records are formed by fingerprints taken at the time of arrest. Only records of arrests that resulted in convictions are retained. The Wisconsin Courts System is responsible for retaining court records in the state. Many court records and documents are public information under the laws established by the Wisconsin Public Records Laws. Online access is available to Circuit, Supreme, and Appellate courts.

Wisconsin among handful of states not requiring fingerprint criminal background checks for nurses

The public will have access online to many reports of records that will include the court that retains the documents. Documents may be viewed in the relevant court for free. The Wisconsin Department of Human Services is the state repository for vital records.

Most vital records are not public in Wisconsin. Individuals requesting information about marriage, birth, and death records will be required to show two forms of identification and will need to pay a fee. Background check for employment in Wisconsin Wisconsin restricts the manner in which most employers can use background checks for employment purposes. Wisconsin employers generally are required to use a name-based background check and are not permitted to make decisions about employment based on the results alone.

Arrest records that did not result in a conviction are not available.

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Employers are not permitted to ask about arrests except those with pending charges. There are a few exceptions to the state laws restricting background checks. Anyone with a felony conviction, a domestic abuse restraining order or conviction, or documented mental illness are not allowed to own or carry guns in Wisconsin. The total number of conducted firearm background checks in Wisconsin for decreased compared to and is lower than the national average of , with March being the month with the most firearm background checks — 58, Concealed carry permits are issued on a shall issue basis.

Residents can apply for a concealed carry permit through the Wisconsin Department of Justice. A background check examining state and federal fingerprint-based criminal history is required. Convicted felons and individuals convicted of violent misdemeanors are barred from concealed carry. Wisconsin primarily utilizes a name-based background check system. This system is cost-efficient, but does not always return accurate results. In some cases, individuals with similar names and birth dates may find incorrect information on an official Wisconsin criminal history record check.

Wisconsin has policies in place to ensure that individuals who have convictions appearing on a background check that are erroneous may have those charges removed from public record access. A name-based background check in Wisconsin will only return conviction data and arrests in which fingerprints were taken and a conviction was reached. An official background check will list only the nature of a conviction, date, court, and other identifying information, but will not include the documentation of the record.

Individuals seeking this type of information will need to visit the relevant courthouse or law enforcement headquarters for copies of records. Almost all records of court cases in Wisconsin are public record. Exemptions exist to protect the identity of minors involved in some family law and criminal cases, and some case information is redacted in certain cases that could jeopardize the safety of defendants. The public can access online records of court cases through the public portal maintained by the Wisconsin State Courts. This program will allow individuals to search for and examine records of cases in the Supreme Courts, Appellate Courts, and Circuit Courts.

Civil, Family, and Criminal cases can be found. Individuals who would like to read the documents that make up a court case must visit the relevant courthouse and request the documents. Cleaning up a criminal history can be complicated. In Wisconsin, you may want to begin with the pamphlet called Expunging Court Records. If you are not sure whether your record qualifies for expungement, or if you need advice about your personal situation, contact a qualified criminal law attorney.

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Wisconsin Public Records

Search Term. Wisconsin allows adult criminal records to be expunged -- that is, erased or sealed -- in very limited circumstances. Removal of Arrest Information If you were arrested and released without being charged with a crime—or if the charges against you were dropped or dismissed—you may be able to have the arrest removed from your record. Expunging a Criminal Conviction In Wisconsin, a court may expunge your conviction record only if: you were under the age of 25 at the time you committed the crime the crime carried a maximum period of imprisonment of six years or less, and you successfully completed the terms of your sentence.

Victims of Human Trafficking If you were convicted of a prostitution offense because you were a victim of human trafficking, you may petition to have those convictions expunged at any time. Getting Legal Help Cleaning up a criminal history can be complicated.