Hide background and lifestyle information on myspace

When MySpace loads your profile, it will show only populated fields. Questions and categories left blank will be invisible.

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A few fields, however, will be filled in automatically. In most cases, you have the option to delete or change the automatically populated fields.

You can change your display name, for example by default, it's your first name , or remove or change the name of your town. You can even change your gender well, what you say is your gender and your date of birth. See the section "Adding a display name" for details on how to do this. You can leave any of these boxes blank, or you can type anything you want the public to see. As we explain in Chapter 7, some people even add HTML to some of these boxes to enhance or mess up their pages.

News Corporation: ‘the corporate policies crept in’

Note: Don't worry too much about HTML; you don't have to use it, and even if you do decide to use it, you don't have to know much about it, as we'll explain in Chapter 7. Your browser will be directed to this page after you've set up your account. If you want to alter this page later, you can access it by clicking the Edit Profile link in the Hello box on your home page. It's important for kids to know that they don't have to answer all the questions that appear on the Profile Edit pages, given the personal nature of these details.

MySpace has restrictions on inappropriate language and images. Threatening, violent, or explicit content is unacceptable, and MySpace will delete accounts it discovers that are in violation of these restrictions. For better or worse, however, most of the millions of profiles are unregulated, and users are able to express themselves freely.

MySpace recommends you create a "display name" for your profile elsewhere known as a screenname. That's your MySpace moniker and can be anything you want—your first name, nickname, or any other label:. The Profile Edit - Name page appears.


Why the New MySpace Music is So Damned Disappointing

On this page, you're likely to see the name you entered when you signed up. Your display name won't show up in your profile but will be stored in the MySpace database, allowing other users who know your name to search for you. For complete anonymity, you can opt to fill in only the display name and delete your last name if it's there by default. This makes it more difficult for friends to find you on MySpace, which is something many teenagers want to avoid.

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We recommend that all users, teens and adults, consider using nicknames and other names for privacy—and at the very least not to use last names. It's also a good idea, especially for teens, to avoid nicknames that are sexually suggestive. The majority of questions on this page are purely optional; again, parents can remind their kids that they don't need to answer all the questions. Users can reveal more information about themselves by checking applicable selections for:. A lot of people use MySpace and other social networks to seek out a potential romantic interest or just to flirt—which, we suppose, is why MySpace asks about sexual orientation.

But before teens check this box and provide more detail, have them consider the consequences. Ask whether it's really necessary to give out this information. We suspect that most teens would answer "yes," but it's this type of information that a potential predator will look at. The option that concerns us the most is "not sure," because a predator could interpret that comment as coming from a someone who is insecure about his or her sexuality. We feel that the default option, "no answer," is a safer choice. Almost all kids list the name of their school.

We prefer that kids not give out that information, because it does help predators locate them.

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Actually, though, this cat is already out of the bag. The whole point of social networking is to help people find one another—ideally, people they know from the real world.

The early years

Kids' lives revolve around school, and given the culture of MySpace, there's almost no way to persuade most teens not to reveal their school name, because it helps them find classmates. This, by itself, is one of the positive and safe aspects of the service. Assuming that teens do give out their school name, the key is to avoid giving out too much other information, as we discuss throughout this book. But this advice isn't just for kids. In addition to current school, users can list former schools on the Profile Edit — Schools page, along with lots of optional information that can help fellow alums find one another.

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

Though this section applies mainly to adults, it can affect teens with part-time or summer jobs as well. Users can include former and current employers in their profile. This can provide opportunities to network and socialize with co-workers, but it also makes it easier for an employer to find your profile. There have been cases in which employees have been fired and students disciplined as a result of postings that the employer or school considered to be inappropriate, illegal, or in violation of policy.

Will Success Spoil MySpace.com?

It's a central meeting point to stay in contact with friends all the time. The new man behind MySpace - media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The safety of people, particularly children and women, using MySpace is a growing concern. Rachel O'Connell, who leads the Home Office taskforce on internet safety, is anxious that pages are so easily searchable.

The site is said to have 57 million registered users. Your e-mail address.

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