Chris white and indianapolis and arrested

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Chris White - Indianapolis Business Journal

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We need your support to keep producing quality journalism and deepen our investigative reporting. Bloomberg has threatened to step into the primary in absence of a viable moderate alternative to left-leaning Democratic candidates. Former Vice President Joe Biden was seen to be that person, but after a series of campaign blunders, Bloomberg indicated he was rethinking getting involved.

The filing deadline for Alabama was the next state that was coming to a close quickly, the next state in the list is Arkansas, so if Bloomberg files there as well, it's a sign he's officially running nationwide.

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Continue Reading Breaking Banner Roger Stone in serious trouble as prosecutors play jury audio of him allegedly lying to Congress Published. On Thursday, one of the final loose ends from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation inched closer to being tied up as the criminal trial of former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone continued.

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According to Dan Friedman of Mother Jones , prosecutors showed particularly damning evidence in the latest day of the trial: audio clips of Stone allegedly lying to Congress. Among the tapes were Stone telling Rep. President Donald Trump's base has always thought to have been rural America, where conservatives tend to dominate, and Republican officials govern.

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But according to The Washington Post , that isn't exactly the case. News Video Ad-Free Login.

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Continue Reading. Breaking Banner Michael Bloomberg is running for president in Alabama. Do you have what it takes to wear the badge? Marshals developed information regarding his possible location and provided that information to Mexican authorities, who took him into custody Marshals News. November 07, - The U. Have a Tip? Download Adobe Flash Player. Federal Government, U. Department of Justice. October 03, - An alleged child rapist and one of the U.