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The operator would say "all-right" when the conversation could begin. A red light on the side of the device glowed when the shared line was already in use and presumably hinted at a good time to eavesdrop. While listening press the telephone firmly against the ear.

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Making a connection within the same line was easier: callers had to simply lift the receiver and signal the person with which they wished to speak. The company's first private line was installed at Oliver Mowat's office in the old parliament buildings on Front Street.

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Mowat was the 3rd Premier of Ontario and a father of confederation. He began his political career as a city alderman and was the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario when he died in The directory lists 56 private residences and businesses that were available by phone, including the Eye and Ear Infirmary, the Empress Hotel, the Globe newspaper, Union Pacific railway, and the Toronto Evening Telegram.

Notable among the early adopters was John Ross Robertson, the newspaper editor, historian, and later MP mentioned earlier, who listed a connection at his Evening Telegram office at King and Bay streets and home at 72 Bay Street. Ambrose Small, the theatre tycoon at the centre of Toronto's most sensational unsolved mystery , may also have been available by phone: the Grand Opera House he worked at as a boy ripping tickets and serving drinks is also listed as one of the available businesses in the directory.

The top and bottom of all but one page carries their name and promotes samples, estimates, "unique and desirable" typefaces, and high quality of their work. Mike Filey reports Hugh Neilson took over as manager at this point and Bell remained at 10 King East for a few years longer.

When this year's local Yellow Pages lands on your doorstep remember its lengthy pedigree before you put it in the junk drawer and forget about it. Chris Bateman is a staff writer at blogTO. Follow him on Twitter at chrisbateman. Join the conversation Load comments. Toronto could get up to 10 cm of snow on Monday.

This is what a carless downtown Yonge Street could one day look like. Gunman opens fire on Toronto bar just before last call. Toronto drivers are once again forgetting how to deal with snow. Newcomers in Toronto are seeing snow for the first time and loving it. First snow of the season throws Toronto into a tizzy. Power outage causes messy TTC subway shut down.

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Teenagers found safe after Ontario issues another Amber Alert. Chris Bateman.

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Posted on June 08, Tall Tale America Walter Blair. Read the introduction.

After a few decades, the telephone became more popular and far more accessible.

And a huge percentage of it is inaccurate. Some of the bad info is well-meaning but ignorant.

The One Device by Brian Merchant review – the secret history and moral cost of the iPhone

Some of it is deliberately deceptive. All of it is pernicious.

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  • The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone by Brian Merchant.
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If we want to educate citizens who can sift through the mass of information around them and separate fact from fake, we have to explicitly work to give them the necessary critical thinking tools. Wineburg draws on surprising discoveries from an array of research and experiments—including surveys of students, recent attempts to update history curricula, and analyses of how historians, students, and even fact checkers approach online sources—to paint a picture of a dangerously mine-filled landscape, but one that, with care, attention, and awareness, we can all learn to navigate.

The future of the past may rest on our screens. But its fate rests in our hands. Table of Contents. Wineburg's work is vital. According to Wineburg, the issue is not that students are ignorant of names and dates.

a book review by Grace Lichtenstein: The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone

In fact, as he points out, even the most accomplished specialists in the discipline could flunk a multiple-choice test on an area of history they are unfamiliar with. Niall Ferguson, author of The Ascent of Money. Anyone interested in the uses and abuses of history today has a duty to read this book.

A bracing, edifying, and vital book. James W.

The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone

We need this book. He opens up space for a urgently needed discussion of how to teach students not just what historians and, often, Wikipedia know, but how historians think--and why historical thinking, even more than historical knowledge, is good for individuals and communities. Never one to remain stagnant, his work has been enriched and taken on increasingly new significance in a twenty-first-century world that is overrun with information at our fingertips that may be factual, misinterpreted, fabricated, or contrived.

The future of our democracy, and the future of all humankind benefits from this important work.