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Time in the game is usually expressed in rounds, turns and hours. So, you can also calculate that 1 rounds is 6 seconds long. Interesting to know that an extended spell whose normal duration is turn based lasts hours. Example: an extended improved invisibility of a level 9 caster would last 18 turns, or 9 hours game time or 18 minutes real time. Empowered versions of spells are only available when the damage calculation has a dice in it.

Empowered spells occupy a spell slot two levels higher. Example: A level 20 wizard casts Fireball and its empowered and maximized versions.

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This is not always the case, however. Example: a sorcerer casts the buffing spell Bull's Strength and its empowered and maximized versions. The situation is similar to the fireball spell. However the strength modifier only goes up every two scores. Since you can cast the spell again if the first throw was not satisfiable, the empowered version is preferable in almost all cases. Extended spells last twice as long as their normal versions. Spells with duration instance or permanent do not have extended versions. See duration to see how long the duration in real life is.

The modifier for fortitude save s is based on your constitution. For example, a constitution of 16 would raise your fortitude saves by 3. The maximized version of a spell deals the maximum damage possible at your caster level. To be more precise: the dices thrown during damage calculation always fall un the lucky sides. So a level 20 caster's maximized Isaac's Greater Missile Storm will do points of damage if it overcomes the spell resistance of the target. See empowered spell s for a comparision of those and maximized versions.

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The modifier for reflex save s is based on your dexterity. For example, a dexterity of 20 would raise your fortitude saves by 5. It is common that reflex saves allow for half damage when they succeed. The feats "evasion" and "improved evasion" modify this further. It stands about as tall as a human, and its outstretched tail makes it least twice as long as it is tall.

These creatures are stealthy pack hunters, and never encountered alone. Beware their lethal sneak attacks and ability to vanish into dense foliage and tall grass. They are deceptively agile for their size, and could quite easily make a meal of an armored knight and his mount.

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These beasts are pure brutes and massive eating machines. Their tooth filled maws inflict incredible damage, but are otherwise, a rather strait forward battle. Its eyes are the color of charcoal and it's entirely covered in deep red scales. While very dangerous and immune to flaming attacks, cold damage is positively lethal to these creatures.

Be sure to ward your party against heat when encountering these beasts - and take care to have a good set of backup weapons, as these beasts are fond of disarming their prey. Pinpoints of red light smolder in its empty eye sockets. These creatures are virtually invulnerable to melee damage - and most elemental and spell attacks.

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They regenerate at a tremendous rate, and their sickly red flails steal the life force of anyone struck. Fortunately, they are rather It has no visible features or appendages except for the glowing red pinpoints of its eyes. It wields a gleaning scythe made from the bones of victims, and as a servant of the death gods, will attempt to reap the souls of any mortal it encounters.

Starting Out – The Epic Spellcasting Feat

Such creatures are lethal beyond words. Their every swing can bring instant death, and they attack with a terrifying speed. The best advice is to avoid summoning these creatures in the first place - summoning usually takes place through a chime, organ, gong or other musical instrument. If encountered, these creatures CAN be turned by good and neutral clerics, although difficult , and the positive energy of healing spells is very harmful to them.

Great scales cover its body like armor. It smiles, revealing large fangs that drip with a hissing venom. These creatures are powerful fighters at close range, but even more lethal from a distance, as they command the hellish powers of a warlock, dark energy that pierces all defenses and wardings.

These creatures are vulnerable to cold iron weapons and holy magic damage, and it is very unlikely, but possible to turn them if a good cleric is a paragon of their order. If one can overcome the Pit Fiend's resistance to magic, they can be greatly hampered by silence spells. These nimble creatures are highly agile, but rather A strong front-line warrior will have no problem with these beasts, but they are very dangerous if they should sneak behind and harry party casters.

They can see invisible objects and their high levels of spell resistance make them difficult to harm with magic. Lurid flames dance over its skin. In one of its massive clawed hands, this creature bears a sword that looks sharp enough to cut even to the soul.

These creatures are powerful melee combatants, wielding vorpal weapons - capable of beheading a target instantly. In addition, they are masters of many powerful spells. These creatures are exceedingly vulnerable to cold iron weapons and holy magic damage, and it is very unlikely, but possible to turn them if a good cleric is a paragon of their order. Its wide mouth has rows of blunt, powerful teeth, and long spines run down the length of its back. These creatures are brutish and stupid. In a pure melee battle, party tanks should have no trouble with them.

Be cautious of their retched continence however, for their stench is so foul that it can bring a hardened warrior to his knees in a fit of gasping and gagging. Her form, so tempting, also has an otherworldly side. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and her eyes glow with sinister desire. These creatures are powerful sorceresses, with command over a devastating array of mind effecting magic. Unless you have properly warded your entire party, they will quickly charm, dominate, paralyze and render your entire party unable to control themselves.

A weaker version of an Imp Servitor. Not terribly dangerous to a party, but they often work closely with stronger creatures to harry your casters. She has a wild, unfathomable look in her large, almond-shaped eyes, and her hair has a pronounced, leafy texture, while her skin looks like burnished wood.

These creatures are so beautiful they can strike a person dead instantly simply by gazing at them. Additionally, they are very powerful druids with a wide array of nature based magics. Normally these creatures are not overly hostile, unless one is defiling their forest , however, if they have been bound or charmed, the Elder Dryad is a fearsome enemy. It's about 18 inches taller than a normal human, and its features are grossly distorted from the human norm. Its chest is overly large, with arms attached by thick knots of muscle at the shoulder, hanging down to its knees, and ending in short, stubby fingers.

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It has no neck, and the large head has broad, flat features. Its legs are short and bowed, ending in wide, flat feet. It smells faintly of clay. These creatures are vastly more dangerous than they seem - in additional to being nearly immune to non-adamantine weapons, there is a chance every strike from a Gorgon Golem will transform the target into stone. Be certain to have numerous ways to return stone to flesh, least your entire party be transfigured into lawn ornaments.

Nwn2 or how to cast a sun burst at level spell 12 combining multi metamagic's feat on the spell

These beasts have been blessed by their dark gods, and have the ability to cast numerous powerful clerical spells, as though they were a favored soul. They require magical weapons to strike, and can be greatly weakened by silence spells or other enchantments which impede spell casting. Their flesh is rubbery and smooth, glistening with slime.

These creature's heads looks rather like a four-tentacled octopus, made all the more horrible by their bloated white eyes. Enchantments that grant damage resistance are very helpful when battling these horrors. Anything that hamperes arcane spellcasting or blocks domination will be invaluable in this battle. Do not assume them defenseless in melee, as they are quite capable of cracking a fighter's skull like an acorn, and slurping up his brain.

It seeks to not just devour the body, but one's very essence as well. To fall before this beast is to be utterly and irrevocably destroyed. These creatures are a terror to behold.

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A form of undead, their ties to the negative material plane are such that no cleric or paladin of any power can turn them. Additionally, they regenerate at a horrific rate, making it almost impossible to outpace their self healing. Their attacks drain the life energy of their targets, level drain , and no elements besides divine magic, magical force and the hellish powers of warlocks have any hope of overcoming their resistance. Fortunately, these creature's unstable nature render them incredibly vulnerable to any form of status effect - from mind control to instant death to transmutation into stone.

Nearly any debilitating magic will be effective on these creatures. These creatures are magically empowered skeletons. They have been granted mastery of various weapons, and their bones strengthened to the durability of steel. They are best dealt with in close quarters by powerful fighters, as they are difficult - but not impossible - to turn. They have massive resistance to piercing and slashing attacks, so a stout bludgeon is recommended.