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The Civil Clerks Office will be on your left. Wait in line to file your forms with the clerk. They will review your forms, stamp them and give you a case number and court hearing date and time. Please note that you may request that your court order be mailed to you rather than attending a court hearing.

After filing the forms at your county courthouse and paying the fee, you will receive your court hearing date. Dress in physical appearance and gender presentation that feels most comfortable to you.

Arrive early to give you plenty of time to find parking and make your way to the courtroom. Bring stamped copy of all the documents to the court house.

Find the court room assigned to you and wait outside. Search for your name and number. They will call out your last name only and number when it is your turn.

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After they call your name, you will be seated in the court room and the judge will review your documents. If everything is accurate, the judge will declare your new legal name! You may use the documents given to you by the court to go directly to the social security office after your court date if you want to get it done on the same day. You can also plan ahead and schedule an appointment later that day for the DMV to get your drivers licensed changed on that same day!

Once at the social security office, take a number, fill out the form for a new social security card and sit down. Please note that on the form, you will mark the name and gender that you legally changed listed on your court order. Your social security card will not list your gender on the card, but it is listed in their system so it is important that you point out your legal gender on the form when you turn it in so that the person will change it in their system. When your number is called, turn in your documents, show them your legal gender on the form and check that they have changed it prior to leaving.

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Available San Diego County Recorder, California (CA) Vital Record Types

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Show Comments. Residents who lost their homes due to Wildfires can receive marriage, birth, death certificates and real estate documents replacement for free.

Birth Certificates

Birth or Death Certificates: Only authorized individuals may receive certified copies of birth or death certificates. Authorized individuals include parents or legal guardians, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, spouses, or domestic partners of registrants. In order to receive certified copies, individuals must complete and sign a sworn statement included with birth or death certificate application form for mailed requests, the sworn statement must be notarized.

Individuals not authorized will receive a certified informational copy.

How to apostille a California Birth Certificate issued in the County of Sonoma

As of July 1; , a homeless person, child or youth born in San Diego county with an affidavit from a homeless services provider pursuant to Health and Safety Code HSC Section d 3 , is responsible for making the determination on who is considered homeless may request a fee exempt free certificate copy of a Certificate of Live Birth.. Display Name:.