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Not only that, there is even a third option to look up for a person through their email address. Additionally, you can even browse for people by using their first name, last name and city. BeenVerified has most of the important features that you might require. This includes background checks, caller identity, address lookup, and so much more. How cool is that? They also provide the option to download their app on any phone, be it Android or iOS. I like that they are providing all these features for free. They aptly deserve the first place on this list.

Spy Dialer is my favourite app on this list.

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It has so much to offer in a simple and beautiful interface. It can give you reverse phone lookup services for landlines, VoIP, and even landlines. Their database is extensive and covers almost all the phone numbers. Besides phone number, it can also view other information as well just like BeenVerified. Not only that, it supports reverse email lookup too. It even has the feature to remove your own information from their database. While TruePeopleSearch might seem to have a minimalistic interface at first which can make it seem like a scam site, it is not.

Once you verify that you are a human by clicking on the verification checkbox, the full face of the website opens up. And believe me, it is beautiful. It offers to search for people by their name, phone number, or addresses Sorry if you wanted to search them by their emails. Like other reverse phone lookup apps on this list, this one is completely free as well. For example, you get to access the background history and criminal records of the person.

It even provides the known associates of any given person.

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It has a record of over a billion people, so good luck finding yours. All good things aside, their repeated human verification can be a bit annoying at times.

Other than that, their service is as good as cookies. Zabasearch is an extensive reverse phone lookup service.

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They have a lot of features, a big database, and even many other data and analytical figures. The search criteria include the white pages, reverse phone lookup, advance people search, free search menu, and top 25 name searches. It has all of the features that I mentioned in the previous apps so far. Additionally, it also has a provision of area code search. This search will give you all the data about the area and phone number exchanges in it, just by the area code. It can be very helpful in this internet age.

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While most of their services are free, some required a premium subscription. The services belonging to the latter part include background checks, reverse phone searches, and people search through Intelius. Last but not least, RevealName is another cool reverse phone lookup service that is totally free. First of all, its website interface really caught my eye. While it is creative, it can be a bit harder to use. RevealName can only search for people with their phone number. There is no reverse address lookup. Also, there is no option to look for someone by their name. It has a module that lets you send SMS to any mobile number through their web interface.

And this is completely free. Though it can take a minute to send the SMS, I still call it a valuable feature. Phone Registry gets a 3-star staring. It helps find out who is calling. In fact, this service works very fast and provides information in a jiffy about the call. Search using this. One of the most annoying things anyone can admit to is the fact that anonymous callers those not in your phonebook or directory , stalkers and prank callers can ruin a good day. Let alone one to be passed off as just another of those mistaken calls.

So what do you do when it is clearly not just a coincidence? Reverse phone lookup services work like this … They involve subscribing to a free or paid service; and have them run a background check on the caller's ID.

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Detectives are using this technology but everyday people are also using it. The reason why you would want to use a lookup service is that it allows you to know who is calling. Also, paid versions are more detailed and generally have great customer service response teams to offer value for your money. Depending on which side of the search box you are on, you just got to love these services. Not even Whitepages is entirely free. While People By Name takes the 1st position after we checked all odds against it and declare it an overall best, Reverse Phone Check makes a good dash after it.

Ultimately, what matters to one user is not what another would want. So the best info you can find will depend on your specific intentions. However, we should add that it's important to use the results of lookups responsibly. After these reverse phone lookup reviews, I came to the conclusion that Phone Detective , which I give a 5-star rating , is the best. It is quick, accurate, and very useful and can be relied upon to provide all the details that I was looking for. Have you used any of these services? How did it go, and can you please review and recommend them to anyone else not sure whether to jump in on the bandwagon?