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There is no charge for indexing additional names. This is not assessed for property located in Fairfax City. All documents must include the Fairfax Land Records' cover sheet see supplemental forms for info sheet with link or go directly to the county website. Commonwealth of Virginia , and an acknowledgement statement.

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When each grantor and grantee is first named in the document, their last names must be underlined or capitalized. This is only for the first usage.

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The names of all grantors and grantees must be listed in the document. The Code sections relating to recordation taxes start at section The tax map reference number should be typed or written in the left-hand margin of the first page of the document.

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Print should be black, solid, and uniform throughout the document. Commuter-friendly markets like Fairfax typically serve as a hotbed for commercial real estate professionals—from investors, to brokers, roofers, and anyone else looking to service property owners.

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In this article, we take a look at how to unlock more commercial real estate business through your Fairfax County property search, including when searching by owner , address, sales history, and much more. Fairfax County forms part of the suburban ring of Washington D.

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Given its proximity to a such major hub, the county has long been a destination for commercial real estate investment , and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. With that, more CRE professionals are digging into the market more than ever before, looking for properties and owners to unlock new business opportunities.

For instance, assessed information and individual property card data are relatively easy to find assuming you know the address or map location. These documents, and more, are filed with the Circuit Court, and can be more difficult find, however. The Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration DTA is often the first place commercial real estate professionals will begin their search when looking for property owner information.

Finally, the Fairfax County Real Estate Division provides robust resources about tax rates, how to file appeals, and information about exemptions.

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For instance, Fairfax County provides certain exemptions for seniors, people with disabilities, disabled veterans, and surviving spouses of military personnel and first responders killed in the line of duty. These exemptions are often of interest to commercial real estate investors as they develop their pro formas when investigating various deal opportunities.

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  • The Fairfax County Circuit Court has a specific Land Records Division that provides documents related to various property transactions dating all the way back to Most people will utilize the Land Records Division for information about recorded deeds, mortgages and other liens on a property. There are actually few online tools available to commercial real estate professionals seeking to conduct a Fairfax County property search by owner. This is in stark contrast to other counties, which often allow users to search deeds, property records, assessments and more by owner name. As noted above, there are three ways to search: by address, map number, and by map search.

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    Otherwise, the next easiest way to navigate these public records is by utilizing the map tool, which allows you to hone in on specific geographic areas, even if you are not sure of the exact property address. However, the property card tells us other important information. This indicates that the property is within a special tax district that requires additional payments to be made, above and beyond what would typically be required of a property owner. As you can see, sometimes the property card will provide owner information — other times, the property will be held in an LLC and require commercial real estate professionals to continue their due diligence through other mechanisms.

    For the average person looking to search for zoning and land development information, land record documents deeds, etc. However, those who are serious about finding specific Fairfax County property records may find the CPAN subscription worthwhile. You can search all commercial assets in Fairfax County or any other U.

    On any individual asset, you can access building and lot, sales, debt, tax, business, tenant, and ownership information.

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    You can see who the true owners are on individual assets, including those hidden behind LLCs, and gain access to their phone number, email, and mailing addresses.