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Relating to the amount of certain county and public health district fees. Relating to the administration of emergency management in this state. Relating to procurement of a contingent fee contract for legal services by a state agency or political subdivision. Remarks: Restricts contingent fee contracts. Relating to the right of a member of the public to address the governing body of a political subdivision at an open meeting of the body. Remarks: Mandates public participation. Relating to restrictions under disaster remediation contracts.

Relating to emergency warning systems operated by municipalities and counties. Remarks: Extends for 10 years; adds additional notice. Relating to the procedure for approval of certain land development applications by a political subdivision. Relating to the requirement that certain state and local government employees and state contractors complete a cybersecurity training program certified by the state cybersecurity coordinator.

Relating to funding for counties for transportation infrastructure projects located in areas of the state affected by increased oil and gas production. Remarks: Changes distribution formula. Relating to county criminal justice reform. Remarks: Sandra Bland cleanup and jailer training. Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for a temporary local option exemption from ad valorem taxation of a portion of the appraised value of certain property damaged by a disaster.

Remarks: No state reimbursement.

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Relating to ad valorem taxation. Remarks: 3. Relating to flood control planning and the funding of flood planning, mitigation, and infrastructure projects. Relating to state and regional flood planning. Relating to prohibiting certain transactions between a governmental entity and an abortion provider or affiliate of the provider. Relating to ballot language requirements for a proposition seeking voter approval for the issuance of bonds. Relating to natural disaster housing recovery. Remarks: Develop disaster housing recovery plans. Relating to authority of certain officers of certain counties to disburse or direct payment of county funds for salaries or expenses.

Remarks: Payroll fund for under , Relating to certain procedures applicable to meetings under the open meetings law and the disclosure of public information under the public information law in the event of an emergency, urgent public necessity, or catastrophic eve. Remarks: 1 hours emergency notice; suspend PIA for 7 days. Relating to factors the Texas Historical Commission considers in reviewing an application for a grant or loan through the historic courthouse preservation program.

Remarks: Judicial council adopts plan for CPS representation; counties report expenditures. Relating to the appointment of a local public defender's office to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases. Remarks: Requires use of public defender's office or written findings by judge. Relating to an initiative to increase the capacity of local mental health authorities to provide access to mental health services in certain counties. Relating to making permanent the former temporary increases in records archive fees and records management and preservation fees charged by district and county clerks.

Relating to the operation and administration of and practice in courts in the judicial branch of state government. Remarks: Repeals Collection Improvement Program. Relating to the disclosure of certain contracting information under the public information law.

Remarks: Includes contracts with private parties.

Relating to the public information law. Remarks: Includes private devices. Relating to contract management standards and information for contracts related to emergency management. Relating to the assessment of litigation costs and attorney's fees in certain actions under the public information law.

Remarks: Allows attorney fees against government for groundless defense. Relating to changing the criminal offense of conspiracy to circumvent the open meetings law. Remarks: Prohibits series of communications. Relating to the assistance and technology fund and use of money in the fund. Remarks: Expands use of fund to training and constables. Relating to the jurisdiction of, and practices and procedures in civil cases before, justice courts, county courts, statutory county courts, and district courts. Remarks: Increases jurisdiction. Web services provided by Texas Association of Counties.

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Texas Court of Appeals, Third District Decisions 12222

Final County Legislation During the 86 th Regular Session, the Texas legislature introduced over 7, bills and passed over 1, bills and proposed constitutional amendments. HB Shine, Hugh R Taylor, Larry R Relating to a temporary local option exemption from ad valorem taxation of a portion of the appraised value of certain property damaged by a disaster. HB Price, Four R Zaffirini, Judith D Relating to procedures and reporting requirements regarding criminal defendants who are or may be persons with a mental illness or an intellectual disability. HB Springer, Drew R Kolkhorst, Lois R Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in counties not served by a hospital district or a public hospital.

HB Zerwas, John R Huffman, Joan R Relating to the repeal of the driver responsibility program and the amount and allocation of state traffic fine funds. Remarks: DRP Repeal. HB Walle, Armando D Lucio, Eddie D Relating to a study of an intake system and state case management system for state and federal disaster assistance. HB Phelan, Dade R Buckingham, Dawn R Relating to certain regulations adopted by governmental entities for the building products, materials, or methods used in the construction of residential or commercial structures.

Remarks: Fee increase. HB Bonnen, Greg R Huffman, Joan R Relating to procurement of a contingent fee contract for legal services by a state agency or political subdivision. HB Canales, Terry D Hughes, Bryan R Relating to the right of a member of the public to address the governing body of a political subdivision at an open meeting of the body. Remarks: Voluntary. Executive Assistant to the Governor's subject files, , 1.

The Executive Assistant worked closely with Governor White on projects which needed immediate or personal attention. Records consist of subject files containing correspondence, memos, notes, clippings, photographs, printed material, press releases, agenda, lists, and other materials, dating from to Subjects include education, economic development, emergency situations, Capitol restoration, prison construction, nursing homes, Outer Continental Shelf litigation, and state agencies.

Gerald Hill was executive assistant in Jim Turner became executive assistant in Clif Drummond served as executive assistant from to Child Support Enforcement, Governor's Commission on, Correspondence--Procedures to follow in typing letters for Governor White's signature, Hardesty was also a part of Mark White's staff during his term as Attorney General. Records consist of subject files and correspondence files maintained by Mary Hardesty from to and undated.

Subject files contain correspondence, speeches, memoranda, and other materials from to and undated. Topics covered include education, health and fitness, children, economic development, and the environment. Correspondence files date and cover Sesquicentennial celebrations, the visit to Texas by Prince Charles, abortion, Main Street Projects, and an economic development film.

Types of materials include correspondence, memos, speeches, clippings, printed material, photographs, cassette tapes, poetry, and articles. Records are divided between subject files and correspondence files. Arrangement is alphabetical within each of the two segments. Gifted and Talented, Texas Association for the, , undated. The administrative assistant provided support services to Governor Mark White as he carried out his duties as governor.

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Records consist of subject files kept by Governor Mark White's administrative assistant for White's use. Materials date from to , undated, bulk , and include correspondence, memos, reports, resolutions, press releases, proposals, printed material, and other types of records. Subjects covered include education including information on House Bill 72 , criminal justice, environment, health, legislation, and energy. There are also files on individuals, task forces and projects, state agencies, and state and national organizations.

Judy Robinson served as White's administrative assistant from to Sheila Simmons served from to A folder listing for Robinson's missing files is available in the processing folder. Arrangement is alphabetical by administrative assistant, then subject. Governor's Utility Regulation Amendments, between and National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, The Staff Services Office served as the central filing location for the Governor's Office correspondence.

Records consist of correspondence files and the Staff Services director's files dating from to Letters sent to the Governor and his staff and their replies make up the bulk of the Staff Services files.

Records are divided into subseries for director's files and correspondence files. Director's files, , undated, bulk , 0. Materials date from to and document the process of answering mail from the public and preparing mailouts for Governor Mark White. Records consist of memos, form letters, drafts of letters, mailing lists, 8-inch floppy disks, and mag netic cards.

Files contain memos to and from Pearson's supervisor, Jim Nelson, Chief of Staff; lists of state and local officials; thank you letters to firemen and Texas Rangers; and form letters on economic development, education, and disasters. Arrangement is in no particular order, although similar subjects are sometimes grouped together.

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Records contain information on 8-inch computer disks. Researchers wishing to view any of the information on these tapes or disks should consult with Archives staff and be aware that the archives may not own the equipment needed to access some information. Correspondence files consist of letters from concerned citizens around the world most from Texas and replies from the Governor's Office; telegrams originating from the Governor's Office; and correspondence with state officials and legislators, governors of other states, state and federal agencies, and U.

Incoming letters were addressed to Governor Mark White or various members of Governor's Office staff.